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How to tint grey eyebrows

2 Min Read Tuesday 9th July 2019

As we age our oil glands produce less sebum, causing grey hairs to feel dry and rough. Greying hair can also feel coarser to the touch simply because it’s processed more over the years with colours and dyes. Wiry, grey eyebrow hairs tend to be more resistant to taking on eyebrow tints but that doesn’t mean you can’t successfully colour a grey brow with a bit of know how. Here are our handy tips on how to tint grey eyebrows:

  1. Arrange a thorough consultation with your client so you’re aware of how dark they’d like to go with their brows. In most cases a shade darker than their natural colour is usually your best bet but if the hair on their head is grey too they might prefer a subtler finish. Make them aware that it can take longer to tint grey brows. Also, if their brows are completely white it can be a shock to the system to see them in colour again; prep them first and remind them that tinting will instantly define their brows, helping them to look thicker and denser.
  2. Create a customised colour by blending eyebrow tints together and apply over each brow, taking care to cover each grey strand well.
  3. The key here is not to risk going too dark by leaving the product on for longer than you normally would (although it can be tempting). Opt for a staged approach. Apply, remove, check and repeat if necessary.
  4. If your client has only got a few grey eyebrow hairs you can try to isolate single strands and apply more colour to those areas in particular. This might sound tricky but because grey hair has a wiry texture it tends to ‘sit away’ from coloured hair anyway, making it easier for you to target it with your tint.
  5. Some therapists prefer to pluck out single grey hairs or trim them down to help them blend into a freshly-tinted brow. However, be wary of removing too many grey hairs or you will affect the shape of the eyebrows. As we age our hair becomes finer too, so eliminating a few too many hairs could result in a sparser brow, which is the opposite effect of what you’re looking to achieve with tinting.

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