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How to tan your wrists

2 Min Read Tuesday 1st August 2017

The trickiest bits to tan are the ankles, elbows and wrists because they tend to be drier than other areas of the body and ‘grab’ more colour.

Create a seamless natural-looking fake tan over the wrists using these clever pre-tanning tricks and application techniques:

  1. Exfoliate your skin, paying particular attention to dry areas, a day before you plan on tanning with a gentle product like Polishing Body Scrub. The fine particles in the scrub will remove dead skin cells, lending the skin a smoother texture and guaranteeing that your fake tan will glide effortlessly over the wrists.

  2. Dab a touch of moisturiser on your wrists the day of your tan to moisturise away any dryness. Use the smallest amount because an excess of moisturiser can act as a barrier to tanner and prevent it from being absorbed by the skin.

  3. Your hands and wrists will be the last areas of the body that you tan so by the time you’re ready to get going the moisturiser should be well absorbed, especially if you’ve been wearing a tanning mitt.

  4. There should be enough residual product on the mitt to apply to the wrists. The key here is to be gentle during the application process. Lightly swipe the mitt over one wrist before swapping to the other side.

  5. You might also be able to gently spread tanner from the back of the forearms down towards the wrists using your fingers to delicately blend in the product.

  6. Gently buff the tanner onto the wrists, making sure not to create a fixed line that ends abruptly at the hands. What you’re looking for is a gentle fade that leads down towards the palms to ensure your colour looks as natural as possible.

  7. After showering off the guide colour moisturise your wrists again to lock-in the colour and prolong the lifespan of your tan.

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