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How to prolong your spray tan

3 Min Read Friday 23rd September 2011

Ways to make your tan last as long as possible.

Simple tips to keeping your tan looking fresh.

Quick and hassle-free, a spray tan takes just 10 minutes – spend an extra few minutes taking care of your bronzed body and you’ll be able to prolong the length of your tan and improve the texture of your skin.

Your tanning specialist will inform you of the best ways to maintain your tan and discuss the various after-care essentials you should be aware of. However, if you forget and need a little reminder, here’s a quick run down of the basic points you should bear in mind once you’ve stepped out of the tanning booth:

1.Let the solution dry. Before you put your clothes back on ensure that your skin is completely dry to avoid accidentally wiping off the tanning solution and damaging your garments. Salons will have a designated place where you can take a few minutes to let your body dry off – once you’re comfortable that your skin is as dry as possible you can get changed.

2.Wear loose clothes. Avoid wearing anything clingy or close-fitting after the completion of your session. If your clothes stick to your body they could cause unsightly marks on your skin and reduce the effects of achieving a line-free, natural tan. The tanning solution could also stain your outfit if it sticks to the contours of your body. Opt for a loose garment that will allow the colour to develop gently.

3.Don’t shower straight away. You’ll be giving the the tanning ingredients in the spray tan solution a better chance to act on your skin if you refrain from showering for at least eight hours. The Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) in the solution will cause the skin to darken over time – it’s a gradual, rather than an instant, process.

4.Exfoliate and moisturise. Before your spray tan you should try to exfoliate your skin using body scrubs because this will slough off your deal skin cells. When the spray tan is applied to fresh skin cells it will last longer. After a spray tan treatment always follow-up with a rich moisturiser. You’ll be hydrating your body and refreshing your skin.

5.Use a top-up spray. If your tan starts to fade and you want to keep the colour for a little longer you can apply a top-up spray in the comfort of your own home. These products are easy to use and with a single application you can add a deeper colour to your existing tan.


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