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How to open and store a pop up spray tent

2 Min Read Tuesday 15th January 2019

Setting up your pop up spray tan tent couldn’t be easier. Simply lay out your mat on the floor, unzip your tent from it’s circular case and unfold it so it stands straight up. Then open it, a bit like a book, and pull out the central section (the front portion of the cubicle) towards you so it ‘pops’ into shape.

Mobile tanning tents have a sort of structural memory so they can be erected in seconds — they automatically open up and assume their natural position. Plus, you don’t need any poles to assemble them! In fact,¬†check out this video and you’ll see how easy it is to instantly erect a mobile spray tan cubicle.

Our portable tanning tents can be folded back in seconds too and stowed away in their handy carry case ready for your next appointment. However, there is a trick to learning how to fold them back up so they fit neatly and securely in their slimline bag.  Here are some step-by-step instructions to folding away your pop up spray tan cubicle:

  1. Take the right side of your cubicle and push it in towards the left corner so it folds back like an open book.
  2. Give it a little shake to get the base level and bring the sides together.
  3. Turn the tent onto its side and keep hold of the bars so they are level and there are no bits sticking out.
  4. Place it on the floor so the transparent part at the top is closest to you.
  5. Fold the side nearest to you towards the bottom (but not all the way) so the tent sort of looks like an open taco, keeping your hands on each side to keep it stable.
  6. Now bring your hands together and pinch the sides so they meet.
  7. Keep the pinched sides held together with one hand and use your other hand to take the top section (the roof of the tent) and twist it under to create three circles lying flat on each other.
  8. Hey presto! You’re done!

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