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How to make my spray tan last through party season

3 Min Read Friday 20th December 2019

Making your spray tan last through party season is not as tricky as it might seem. The average fake tan can last up to 7-10 days with the proper care so if you get your tan on Xmas Eve it should still be looking fabulous for New Year and perhaps even beyond.

The key is to prep properly, care for your colour with a regular moisturising routine and invest in clever top-up tanners that are brilliant for rejuvenating a fading glow. Here’s more detail:

Prep properly

Prep your skin a day before your spray tan by exfoliating in the shower with a scrub or body brush. Your tan will last much longer if you apply it to smooth exfoliated skin that’s free from old skin cells. On the day of your treatment bypass perfumes, cosmetic products and deodorants because they can prevent tanner from ‘grabbing’ onto the skin, which can result in a patchy finish.

Care for your colour

Allow your skin to dry thoroughly after your treatment and wear loose clothing to prevent strap marks, streaks and lines from appearing. When it’s time to wash off the guide colour, avoid using harsh shower gels. In fact, select a gentle body wash for the rest of the week and opt for quick showers over long baths that can prematurely strip away your golden glow. Always pat your skin dry after showering to protect your colour further.

Never miss a moisturise

Daily moisturising is a vital step that will make your spray tan last as long as it possibly can. Keeping your skin hydrated will prevent it from drying out, flaking off and in turn taking your sun-kissed colour away with it.

Extol the top up

If the tan on your hands and face begins to fade earlier than the rest of your body, top-up tanners, like 1 Hour Self Tan Tinted Mist, are the perfect remedy. Simply spray over faded areas and wash off after an hour for a super-quick colour boost. Sleep Tanning Drops are also a top-up saviour, especially because you can mix them into your regular nighttime moisturiser and awake with golden-looking skin in the morning. To lend your skin a touch more brightness for New Year’s Eve, spritz over some Skin Finish Illuminating Mist. Formulated with bronze light reflecting pigment, this ‘spray and go’ product lends the skin a luminous sheen for a 3D skin finish. Apply it under or over your make up for instant glam.

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