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How to get fake tan off your hair

2 Min Read Friday 22nd November 2019

Fake tan that’s accidentally leeched onto bleached blonde, grey or excessively dry hair during the application process can become discoloured without proper protection. The roots can take on a greenish tinge as the colour develops, which can look alarming if you’ve never experienced it before.

The good news is that a thorough shampoo should remove any tanner that’s unintentionally settled on your hair. If you find that there’s still some discolouration present after shampooing you may need to wash your hair a second time to guarantee all the guide colour has been rinsed off.

The best form of action is of course prevention. For example, pushing your hair back with an old fabric hairband before you begin applying fake tan will protect your hairline from coming into contact with any product and changing colour. Position the hairband at the top of your forehead with some hair showing so you can fully tan your face without leaving a tan line behind.

If you haven’t got a hairband, apply a touch of petroleum jelly along your hairline to act a waterproof barrier instead. This works just as well as a hairband or hair cap and the petroleum jelly will come off easily with a quick shampoo.

Another option is to condition your hair before you fake tan and leave it on during your treatment. Tanner won’t be able to latch onto conditioned hair and will sit on the surface rather than be absorbed at the roots.¬† In fact, did you know that unwashed hair that’s become a bit greasy can act as a natural barrier to tanner too? Why not avoid washing your hair for a few days before your treatment as an extra safeguard?

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