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How to calm first-time waxing nerves

2 Min Read Friday 11th August 2017

Will it hurt too much? What ¬†if I feel embarrassed? Will the therapist judge me for being too hairy? Do I need to take a change of underwear?…

If you’re going for a wax for the first time and have a million and one anxious questions running through your mind, we’re here to help.

First off, everything you’re feeling is normal. Truthfully, it can feel uncomfortable revealing your body to a therapist for the first time, but you’ll soon settle down and feel at ease; remember therapists have seen it all before and won’t care about your blemishes or any stubborn areas of hair growth.


Here’s what to do to calm down those waxing nerves:

Act on recommendations

Always go to a trusted salon that’s been recommended by a friend.

Start small

Don’t go for a Hollywood wax, where all pubic hair is removed, on your first visit. Start small with an eyebrow shape and move up to a leg wax before opting for a regular bikini wax. That way you’ll get to know your therapist and create a trusting relationship.

Get clued up

Get as much info as you can about the stages of your treatment; being clued up will help you to feel more in control of the situation. No question you ask will sound silly so don’t hold back. However, if you still feel uncomfortable about asking them out loud, here’s a list of embarrassing waxing questions answered that you can refer to.

Speak up

When the wax is applied it should feel warm. If it feels too hot, immediately speak up. Your therapist will be able to cool the wax to a more preferable temperature that suits your skin’s sensitivities. Also, if you’re feeling nervous talk about it! Your nerves will soon subside once the conversation gets going.

Assist your therapist

Pulling the skin taut, especially around intimate areas, can reduce waxing discomfort. Help your therapist by pulling your skin taut when required to speed up the treatment and take the edge off the pain.


All your anxieties about waxing will fade away after your first treatment so don’t let them stop you!


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