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Glow with a gradual tan

2 Min Read Friday 2nd August 2013

Gently add a sun-kissed finish to your skin.

Play it safe with a subtle tan.

Many ‘first-time tanners’ are cautious of using sunless tanning products because they don’t want their skin to appear orange and overdone. However, today’s tanning formulations are a far cry from the fake tans of old.

A Sienna X self tan looks natural, subtle and sophisticated and there are a host of options to choose from including instant tanning gels, quick sprays, rich lotions and light mousses. Simply find the one that works for you and look gorgeously golden all-year round.

If you’re still wary of full-on fake tans then a gradual tanning lotion is the best place to make a start. Gradual Glowing Self Tan is the perfect product for adding a touch of summer to your sunny season style book. This silky smooth cream contains 4% DHA, which means it brings a delicate, sun-kissed colour to the skin rather than a deep, burnished hue. Formulated to gently colour the skin in a light and even fashion, this lotion combines cocoa butter, Aloe Vera and sweet almond oil to feed and nourish the skin with hydrating, natural ingredients.

Better yet, you’re completely in control of the end result! Pour onto dry hands, massage over the entire body and allow your tan to develop for about 6-8 hours – if you like the level of colour acquired then hooray! If not, you can continue to apply more product until you reach your ideal hue. It really is that simple!

Gradual Glowing Self Tan takes the fear out of – and puts the fun into – fake tanning at home. So why not try a bottle today?

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