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Fake tan aftercare tips

2 Min Read Friday 3rd February 2017

Retain that golden glow for a as long as possible by sticking to this trio of tried and tested aftercare tips:


  1. Pamper your skin with oodles of moisturiser to lock-in your sun-kissed colour. If your skin becomes too dry, the layer of tanned skin cells sitting on the surface will begin to flake off, causing your glow to fade much faster. Radiance Body Balm is perfect for hydrating parched¬†skin because it has a rich texture that’s been enriched with skin-conditioning Vitamin E and soothing Shea Butter. Plus, it’s packed with light reflecting shimmer that¬†makes the skin look brighter and healthier. Moisturising every day will also encourage your tan to fade off evenly when the time comes and prep it for your next application of colour.

  3. Choose a gentle body wash that works with your skin’s natural characteristics. Stop using harsh cleansers, shower gels and soaps that leave your skin feeling dry and tight¬†because¬†they’ll strip away your tan. Choose a pH balanced cleanser, like Balance Body Wash which is kind to the¬†skin and leaves it feeling nourished and refreshed.

  5. Swap baths for short showers. Taking a relaxing soak in the tub will shorten the lifespan of your tan because the hot water will dry out your skin. Instead, go for quick showers in warm water to retain your honeyed hue for as long as possible.

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