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Even out your skin tone with a spray tan

2 Min Read Monday 11th July 2011

If you have an uneven skin tone or pale patches from natural tanning, a spray tan is perfect for evening out your skin tone.

There are many occasions when a spray tan can be used to create an even, golden tan – it’s perfect for shading in pale areas and getting a gorgeously natural all-over glow.

Spray tanning is often used as a means of evening out skin tones. Some clients, particularly those who are out in the sun a lot perhaps from an outdoor profession, ask whether a spray tan can be used to even out their skin tone. The answer is yes, with the help of a professional Sienna X tanning therapist you can get a full body tan in as little as ten minutes.

Areas such as the neck, shoulders and arms can be the first to tan naturally, while the torso may remain pale. Your spray tanning therapist will be able to target the areas which require extra tanning formula in order to create seamlessly even coverage across the whole body.

A professional spray tan can also help to even out the look of sunburn if you require an emergency cover up. However, it is important to remember that your skin will be extra sensitive and should be kept well moisturised following your spray tan application. As the skin naturally peels when burnt it is also important to remember that your spray tan won’t last as long as usual and it may wear off patchily as the skin regenerates. In this instance, it is a good idea to use self-tan to top up the colour so that the tan remains even until it has worn off.

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