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Easy ways to get your salon noticed on social media

2 Min Read Tuesday 28th August 2018

Try some of these ideas to amp up your salon’s social media profile:

  1. Schedule regular competitions. Set up weekly competitions where followers can retweet or like your status to win a 10% discount. Choose the same day every week, give it a memorable hashtag and you’ll soon garner a bigger following. Being reliable and structured with your posts will make sure your salon appears busy, well-loved and professional. Post the reaction of every winner too!
  2. Post follower interactions and create a community. Maintain an online dialogue with your customers and post their positive thoughts and comments about your services! The recommendations of real clients really make a difference to attracting new ones. Choose the right hashtags for your campaigns and offers to get people retweeting and commenting under your posts with their own ideas.
  3. Use proper branding with high quality photos. Make the time to take high quality photos of your salon, staff and treatment space. You can use them as backdrops to online competition entries, comments, special offers and posts. Plus, if you include your salon branding they’ll look professional, memorable and give you an edge over other salons that don’t have slick marketing material like yours.
  4. Weekly polls. Get your social media audience involved by posting polls. A simple question, like what shall we discount this week? with a list of options, will help your clients to feel included and give them a chance to vote for their favourite treatment (and book in!).
  5. Expert videos and instastories. A vlog that shows the interior of your salon or a ‚Äòhow to’ video is a quick way to give clients a glimpse into your business. Why not make a video on ‚Äòhow to create the perfect brows’ or ‚Äòfive ways to make your bikini wax more comfortable’? Add subtitles if you can so your audience can get involved even when the sound’s off. Don’t underestimate your expertise and use your training as a stepping stone to entice new clients.
  6. Before and after shots. Who doesn’t love a good before and after image? Take before and after shots of willing clients and post them on your Instagram to increase your click rate. Eyebrow waxes, nail treatments, haircuts and tans make excellent examples.

Looking for content to share on Social Media? You’ll find a wealth of resources available in our Business Centre

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