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Does underarm waxing hurt?

2 Min Read Tuesday 3rd October 2017

Underarm waxing can feel a little uncomfortable if you’re having it done for the first time. However, this discomfort quickly subsides, leaving behind smooth, hair-free underarms for up to a month.

Waxing your armpits can make the skin feel tender simply because it’s more of a sensitive area than the legs and arms. Also underarm hair growth can be thicker, coarser and occasionally grow in different directions. This means that your therapist might need to apply the wax over the same area a couple of times to remove hairs that are growing at a different angle. Having said that, in most cases where the growth is uniform, just two strips are sufficient to wax the top and lower portion of each underarm.

Underarm waxing is a quick treatment because there’s only a small surface area to wax and regular sessions work to reduce hair growth so it comes back sparser and finer. It also means you can ditch your razor and say bye bye to stubbly, itchy regrowth.

Allowing your hair to grow to at least 1/2 inch before your session will guarantee that the wax can wrap around each hair shaft and pull each strand out from the root in a single motion. Moisture and perspiration can reduce the effectiveness of wax so your therapist might ask you to rub a touch of talcum powder over the area to dry it out.¬†Booking your session at the right time of the month can also reduce the pain of waxing — hormone changes make the skin feel more sensitive during your period so wait until it’s over before making an appointment.

So yes, underarm waxing can feel uncomfortable but the treatment is super quick, the effects are long-lasting and once you start having it done regularly you’ll find that your hair grows back finer, sparser and at a slower rate. Why not book your appointment today?

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