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Does fake tan contain natural ingredients?

2 Min Read Wednesday 25th January 2012

The combination of natural ingredients in the Sienna X fake tan range is enriching and enhancing.

Nature has shared its youthful secrets with us!

Mother Nature has created an array of organic ingredients that hydrate and enliven the skin’s surface, leaving it looking fresh and moisturised. Luckily we are champions at using natural ingredients to boost the performance of our tanning products, lotions and sprays, which means you can achieve a luscious tan that adds a sparkle to your skin.

Some of our products contain aloe vera, which is known for its healing properties and its ability to soften and soothe dry skin. Others like our eXquisitely soft body polish contain lemongrass, which improves skin tone, and ginger, which increases the skin’s radiance. Boasting an anti-cellulite formulation, our eXtend and perfect gradual tan has a vanilla fragrance and can help the skin to appear smoother, firmer and younger.

These natural ingredients work together with DHA, the active element in fake tan, to darken the top level of the skin. The amino acids in the skin react with DHA and the air to colour the skin gradually, leaving behind a natural looking tan that radiates health and vitality.

Fake tan formulations have changed massively over the years to become one of the top selling beauty products in the country. With superb brands like Sienna X helping the nation to look better and feel fabulous it’s no wonder that our products have become leaders in the fake tan industry!

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