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Frame your eyes with an eyebrow wax

2 Min Read Tuesday 23rd August 2016

Added eyebrow waxing to your salon’s treatment list? Talk¬†up its benefits to¬†get more clients to book in for a glamorous re-shape or a quick tidy-up with these useful facts:

The perfect eyebrow shape can give you an instant face lift

Shaping your eyebrows highlights your bone structure and gives you an instant face lift. It balances out your features, frames your eyes and gives your face a more youthful appearance. Your therapist will be able to create the perfect eyebrow arch by shaping the hairs under and above your brow line. A sleek and smooth finish will give you a polished appearance and your re-growth will appear thinner and softer too.

The more you wax your eyebrows, the less it will hurt

Eyebrow waxing is mildly uncomfortable and any pain you do feel lasts for just a few seconds when the waxing strip is removed. If you get your eyebrows waxed regularly it will hurt less with each treatment as your hair becomes finer and grows back slower.

Re-growth can take up to three weeks!

Quicker than plucking individual hairs out, a swift eyebrow wax can take less than 15 minutes. The results can last for up to three weeks because your hair follicles are removed from the root and have to grow back again from square one.

***Tips for first-time eyebrow waxing – avoid putting makeup, lotion or other beauty products around the eyebrow area on the day of your treatment, which can make it trickier for the wax to adhere to your unwanted hairs.***

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