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Dangers of using tanning beds

2 Min Read Wednesday 31st August 2011

Be wise and opt for a fake tan that’s safe and recommended by experts.

Don’t choose tanning beds when you can get the same results with a sunless tan without the worry of skin disorders.

Luscious, long-lasting and moisturising, Sienna X spray tan treatments are safe on the skin unlike tanning beds that can lead to skin diseases, burns, premature ageing and eye damage.

The ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted from tanning beds are harmful and injurious to exposed areas of the body, which increases the risk of melanoma-related skin cancers, allergies and rashes. Although a tan is seen is a sign of health and vitality, a tan that’s achieved through exposure to an artificial light source is highly damaging. Similarly sitting in the sun – a natural source of light – without wearing a high protection sunscreen can lead to burns and discomfort.

Obtaining a sun-kissed look is easier, cheaper and safer on the skin with a spray tan. Consisting of a non-toxic substance called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a Sienna X spray tan is not absorbed by the body. However, it does add a natural-looking deeper colour to the outermost layer of the epidermis. Better yet it fades away gradually over the course of a week without leaving behind any nasty skin problems or conditions.

In combination with our pre and post tan care products, our treatments can last even longer. With regular moisturising and gentle top ups with our specially blended sprays and creams your tan will look stunning for as long as possible.

Steer clear of ultraviolet radiation and choose a nourishing treatment that won’t encourage wrinkles, dry skin and cancers. Opt for a sunless tan that produces better results and won’t influence your health and well being.


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