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Combat dry skin with Radiance Body Balm

2 Min Read Wednesday 23rd October 2013

Luxurious and rich, our moisturiser is a winner.

Moisturise your skin daily to protect it from the harsh weather

Harsh winds and dry air can dehydrate the skin causing it to feel tight, chapped and uncomfortable at this time of year. However, it’s easy to remedy the problem of dry skin by using a rich moisturiser that hydrates, rejuvenates and revives. Formulated to feed the skin with natural, nourishing ingredients, Radiance Body Balm is the perfect product for the job.

This non greasy balm contains Vitamin E to prevent premature ageing and shea butter to smooth the skin. Subtle gold flecks have been suspended within the cream that reflect the light when applied to the body, adding a gentle sparkle to a fake tan and a touch of glamour to your winter look.

Here are our tips on the best way to use Radiance Body Balm and reduce dry skin:

1. Try to apply your moisturiser on slightly damp skin rather than on dry skin. The lotion will trap some of the water into the skin as you rub it on, helping to hydrate to full effect. The best time to do this is after a shower so pat your skin gently with a towel, leaving behind some water on the surface and apply your moisturiser over your entire body.

2. Another tip is to keep your shower as short as possible because hot water can draw out moisture from the skin too. Keep your shower routine to a minimum and your skin will feel smoother and softer. Angle the shower head away from your skin while you apply shampoo and shower creme to reduce the amount of time your skin is under hot water. Taking shorter showers will also boost the life of your sunless tan so you’ll be locking in your golden colour and doing the best thing for your dry skin simultaneously.

3. Turning down your heating and letting in some fresh air can reduce dry skin problems as well. Dry air outdoors and the use of central heating indoors can draw moisture out from the skin so give your skin a break every now and again and turn off your system if you can.


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