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4 Min Read Friday 19th May 2017

The question I get asked most, well after ‚ÄòPlease can I book a spray tan?’, is ‚ÄòHow do you become a celebrity spray tanner?’

In fact, I gave a talk about it at this year’s Pro Beauty Show and have written tips on it in trade magazines. Sienna X tanners get in touch with me via Instagram, Twitter and my tanning page on Facebook to ask all the time too so here, narrowed down, are my top five tips for going pro‚Ķ


  1. SOCIAL SITUATION – you need to make your social feeds (and yes you should have the big three Twitter, Insta and FB) work for you. They need to look cool, show off your best tanning work and also hint at any celebrity work but not scream I work with stars. Subtle, clever posts work a treat – of course show off finished covers, shoots or red carpet looks – but never try to sneak a pic of a celeb, ask for a selfie (the absolute worst thing you could do) or post anything without their permission/if it hasn’t already been put out on social. If a celeb gets you to pose for the Instagram story or Snapchat happily oblige of course – The Body Coach once just started filming me on set so I joined in. But let them make the first mood. Also make sure you social feed is 100% positive, even when you’re not doing set work posts – negative comments about a TV show, team or even a celeb themselves – will put everyone off. You have been warned.

  2. FLEX FOR SUCCESS – I cannot stress enough that you have to be flexible when attracting celeb clients. Of course as a tanner you know all about working weekends, BHs and late nights – you have to do all these and more for people who have jam packed music, presenting and TV schedules. Expect to be booked last minute, have appointments changed around and to spend a lot of time waiting. I tend to have one of my tanning friends or assistants on hand poised to go to my tan bookings before or after a celeb tan slot – that way if I am needed early or have to stay late then I am covered.

  3. EARLY BIRD ANTICS – just like with your regular clients – never ever be late for appointments. Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the tan time, and set up if you can, but if not wait somewhere patiently. Take a notebook, work on social plans even flick through a magazine. But never every look bored, nosey or impatient.

  4. QUESTION TIME – it’s important to ask questions of your celeb client, and I don’t mean which other celeb they’re dating right now! What are they having their tan for? Shoots and red carpet tans need a slightly different approach. Have they decided on an outfit? It’s super important you enhance they look and never run the risk of running clothes, this especially true on shoots. Have they had a tan before? Make sure they know the post-tan rules, leave them a note – a great time to leave a card with your social media handle/contacts on too – a gentle nudge rather than a ‚ÄòOh can you tweet this tan’ works a million times better.

  5. VIP EVERYONE – celeb or non celeb, each and every one of your Sienna X tanning clients deserves a bespoke, luxe service and tan. Every time. Never cut corners, never over book and ensure your client feels like they’re about the walk the red carpet even if they’re walking the carpet outside their local nightclub!




Carly Hobbs

Tanner / Make-up Artist / Hair Stylist / Beauty, Grooming, Fashion & Lifestyle Writer 

Author of SUPERMODEL TIPS (out now, Ebury Press) 

Brand Ambassador for SIENNA X TANNING 

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