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Carly Hobbs: Tan Transformations

3 Min Read Monday 12th June 2017

I love spray tanning. Super natural, super glowy Sienna X tans that give that holiday effect rather than fake finish are The One.¬†But deep down, for me, it’s not about, that all over even, sunkissed bronzed-ness.

deep down, for me, it’s not about, that all over even, sunkissed bronzed-ness

Of course while it’s the point of a tan, it’s more of a nice to have for me, a side effect if you like. As I feel, the biggest tans-formation, (see what I did there), isn’t the colour of the skin, it’s in the smile on someone’s face. That shy smile that turns into a beam as they check their tan lines and admired that just-tanned sheen that has woken up their formally pasty, tired our skin that works and plays as hard as they do.

This smile builds up into a big grin and, in many cases, whether it’s top model, big celebrity that you know, or one of my regular clients in Sheffield, Leeds or London, this grin visibly moves into a feeling, a lightness that sees people spring out of the tan tent, a show of confidence that only grows further as they slip on their loose clothes, whip off that hair cap and get on with the rest of their day. Happier. As full of confidence as they deserve to be.

Clients often send me pics of them post tan Рall smiles  - they tag me on social media Рthank you for that by the way Рand I love them while checking out everything is as even as I left it when they vacated my tan tent of course. The review posts on FB and the likes are ideal, they show off my work and also attract new clients. Each and every one is appreciated.

…it’s the more private side of tanning that I don’t share, that mean(s) the most

But it’s the text or What’s App messages I get, the more private side of tanning that I don’t share, that mean the most. I read them and feel grateful that I have done something for someone that kind of goes beyond giving them the perfect shade of holiday glow. Without giving anyone away I have clients that I have tanned as they’ve styled out the painfulness of divorce. Ones that are learning to love their bodies again after having a baby. A male client who suffered with depression he could never talk to friends about but would off load on me while in the tent with the tan hit following through afterwards. And one that had been made redundant so was starting over again in the competetive job market.¬† There are many more, very personal stories like these, that when life gets tricksy and confidence levels are low, just 20 minutes in a tan tent, makes all of the difference.

It may sound a bit silly to some, how can a spray tan change lives? I kind of get that – a tan’s not going to pay off your overdraft or heal a broken heart, but it can be a little thing that gives a whole lot of confidence. And all those little things add up. They allow people to feel instantly better about themselves. It gives them time for themselves. It gives anyone the option to be a little kinder to themselves. And that’s what beauty, and tanning, is really all about.




Carly Hobbs

Tanner / Make-up Artist / Hair Stylist / Beauty, Grooming, Fashion & Lifestyle Writer 

Author of SUPERMODEL TIPS (out now, Ebury Press) 

Brand Ambassador for SIENNA X TANNING 

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