Can I move my eyebrow arch?

2 Min Read Tuesday 24th September 2019

The most flattering eyebrow shape for the structure of your face tends to be the one you’re born with. Your brows follow the shape of your brow bone and so will naturally arch where they’re supposed to. Messing around with the placement of this curve can upset the balance of your face so it’s always best to follow the line of your arch as closely as possible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a few minor adjustments to brighten and lift your face.

For example, you can accentuate the existing shape, fill in gaps and use highlighter to emphasise the gradient of your arch to create a different look that doesn’t compete with your natural eyebrow structure.

  1. If you’ve already got eyebrows with low arches and would like to create a more masculine-looking straighter brow it doesn’t take much effort to make an eye-catching change. Use a pencil to draw in fine hairs from the start of the arch to the tail of your brows to straighten a very slight curve. Apply a concealer or powder under your brows, again in a straight line, to emphasise the new linear shape and you’ve created the illusion of a smoother eyebrow.
  2. Removing a couple of hairs from beneath a low arch can intensify the gradient, creating a sharper curve. But bear in mind that regularly removing those particular hairs will make your brows sparser in that area and harder to grow back in the future. Plus, plucking away too close to the arch can create an angry-looking brow.
  3. Grooming bushier, heavy-set brows can neaten the face, lending the eyebrows defined separation and shape. However, before you pick up those tweezers take a good look at your brows as they are. Perhaps they simply need to be trimmed down with some cosmetic scissors?

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