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Can I keep my bra on for my spray tan?

2 Min Read Tuesday 6th November 2018

If you’re not fussed about tanning your breasts to match the colour of your body, you’re welcome to keep your bra on during your spray tan. Just make sure to wear an old one that you don’t mind getting stained with tanning solution (fake tan will normally come off in the washing machine but it’s better to be safe than sorry!). You can also pull your bra straps down to avoid creating those tell-tale strap marks on your shoulders.

To get the most of your treatment, we’d always recommend removing your bra to achieve an even, seamless glow from head to toe but if you feel self-conscious about revealing your body you’re fine to leave it on. Your therapist will simply work around it, or perhaps even offer you a disposable bra to help you retain your modesty and keep your own undergarments clean.

Having said that, tanning therapists have seen every size and shape of bust under the sun — they will never make you feel uncomfortable and will do their utmost to create a judgement-free environment that you feel safe in. You may even find that you feel confident enough to take your bra off for your next treatment once you’ve experienced it for the first time.

If you do choose to go topless in the tanning booth always wait until your chest is fully dry before you put your bra back on to avoid tan lines. In fact, if you can bypass your bra for a bit and put a loose top on it will guarantee that your bust area, shoulders and back remain evenly golden and free from strap marks.


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