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Can I get my legs waxed in my lunch hour?

3 Min Read Tuesday 23rd April 2019

When leisure time comes at a premium, especially when juggling an already busy schedule, beauty upkeep can feel like an annoying extra that you’d rather skip in favour of spending a bit more time on the sofa watching your favourite box set with a cuppa. Why not fit your treatments into your working day instead, and get home freshly waxed with no more need to worry?!

How long would it take?

Did you know – a full leg wax actually only takes around 30-45 minutes! So you could definitely get all the bits and bobs you’d like to be waxed in your lunch hour as long as you factor in the time it takes to get to and from your preferred salon or therapist. Add on a classic bikini wax (15 mins) too, and you’ll be able to complete the lot in up to an hour to feel weekend ready!

Having said that, if you’ve had lots of waxes before and you go to an experienced therapist who’s fast and efficient, it might take much less time. Regular leg waxes reduce hair growth, which makes leg hair feel finer and sparser over the long term anyway, so the more you wax, the quicker your treatment will eventually be.

What about a mix of treatments?

If you’re in a bit more of a rush, you could also opt for a mix of smaller treatments, like an underarm wax (15 mins), half leg wax (15-30 mins) and an eyebrow wax (15 mins) to create your own lunch-hour beauty package. A full-face wax,¬†which combines the upper lip, chin and jaw area, is another treatment you could easily fit into your midday break with time to spare.

Your therapist will apply a soothing oil over your skin at the end of your session to remove any wax residue so you can change back into your work clothes easily without worrying about them getting sticky (a post-wax oil/balm will also encourage any redness over visible areas like your face to subside quickly). However, we would recommend taking along a change of cotton underwear that won’t aggravate your freshly-waxed skin along your delicate bikini line.

Treat yourself to a change of scenery, an unbeatable coffee from your favourite shop, and leave the office for a spot of ‘me-time’ this lunch break. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did.

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