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Can I get a facial over my fake tan?

2 Min Read Tuesday 17th March 2020

Getting a facial over a recent fake tan is a definite no no. Here’s why:

The cosmetic products used during facials, such as cleansers, exfoliators, chemical peels and masks, will strip your golden glow away prematurely, leaving you with a bronzed body and a pale face. This is because these skincare essentials (just like the ones you use at home as part of your own cleansing routine) slowly slough away the top surface of your skin cells where your colour lies. So, as you cleanse, tone and exfoliate as normal, your golden glow will gently begin to fade too.

The thing is, professional salon products tend to be of a stronger grade than ‘at-home’ varieties so they can remove your colour much quicker, especially if your therapist is using a series of products in one treatment.

The best time to get a facial is a week after your last application of fake tan when your glow has begun to naturally lighten anyway. The facial will encourage an even fade off, prepping your skin for a follow up application of tanner. A fake tan that’s applied to smoother, fresher, exfoliated skin will also last longer than skin that hasn’t been prepped. Continuing to moisturise your skin daily after fake tanning helps your colour to last a bit longer too.

If you’ve accidentally got a facial a bit too early all is not lost. You can replenish your lost colour with a gradual tanner, facial mist or some Sleep Tanning Drops that you can blend into your night time moisturiser (it cleverly works its magic while you catch some zzzs).

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