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Can I fake tan after botox?

2 Min Read Friday 9th March 2018

Had a touch of botox? You’re not the only one – quick and minimally invasive, botox has become the cosmetic procedure of choice for anyone who’s looking to temporarily smooth away their wrinkles within the space of a lunch break.

But can you fake tan straight after?

We’d advise waiting 48-72 hours after your botox treatment before spray tanning to allow your skin to settle down.

In some cases, botox can result in redness, swelling and slight bruising over the treatment area, particularly among those who suffer with skin sensitivities. Also, because it’s administered via a needle you’ll likely have tiny pin pricks on your face that will need time to close up. Tanning over these areas before they heal could lead to a ‚Äòspotty’ or blotchy finish rather than an even, seamless glow.

Don’t fake tan over your face with self-tanner immediately after having botox either! Remember the botox needs to stay put in exactly those spots where it’s been injected to work its magic. Blending tanner over your face could dislodge it into unwanted areas so wait until you notice a difference in your skin and are confident the botox is working to minimise the risk of movement.

Planning on undergoing any other short-term cosmetic procedures? We’d similarly recommend waiting a couple of days before tanning if you’ve had¬†dermal fillers to soften wrinkles or collagen injections to plump up the lips and cheeks.

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