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Blackhead extraction facials

2 Min Read Monday 7th October 2019

Blackhead extraction facials are trending all over social media – is this a treatment worth investing in?

Blackheads appear when the hair follicles on your skin become clogged with sebum, dead skin cells and oil. All this gunk, gathering in each pore, turns dark or black when it oxidises (or reacts with the air).

Although it can feel satisfying to squeeze blackheads out of your nose or other areas of your face, you could end up damaging your skin and leaving behind scars. And sometimes blackhead removal strips and high street facial exfoliators just don’t cut the mustard.

A blackhead extraction facial carried out by a professional is the perfect treatment if you’ve got lots of blackheads – you get to lie back and relax while someone else removes all the gunge for you.

There are all sorts of facials that remove blackheads. Some are gentle on the skin and use cleansing masks that remove the impurities, excess sebum, toxins and pollution that cause blackheads. Others can involve using tools called blackhead removers, which look like small metal rods with fine hooks on the end. The hook part is placed over each blackhead and pressure is applied to squeeze out the impurities. Depending on how many blackheads you have and how deep they run, this bit can be a bit uncomfortable. It may leave behind some sore red marks on the skin that tend to subside within a few hours.

However, the final result is smooth, blemish-free skin that looks super-clean and cared for.

Continuing to go for regular extractions helps the skin to look at its best. Alongside this, it’s worthwhile to use skincare products that keep the pores clean and prevent clogging, such as an exfoliating facial polish,¬†glycolic serum or chemical peels.

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