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The best fake tan for redheads

2 Min Read Friday 27th January 2017

Redheads have sensitive skin that’s more susceptible to sun damage, sunspots and skin cancers. Tanning in the sun is¬†particularly dangerous for red heads¬†because their delicate complexions often bypass the tanning stage and jump straight to becoming sunburned, painful and red.

So if¬†you’ve been¬†blessed with red hair, porcelain skin and freckles but want to brighten¬†up your skin tone, what’s the safest way to a achieving a sun-kissed tan?¬†Embrace the fake tan!

Gradual Self Tan Lotion

This gradual tanner is applied in the same way as a moisturiser and doesn’t need to be washed off. The subtle sun-kissed colour develops slowly over the course of the day, lending the skin a gentle glow. It warms up the complexion and perfectly complements the vibrancy of red hair without overpowering the skin and camouflaging freckles. The end result looks natural and in keeping with the characteristics of those with porcelain skin tones. Better yet, you get full control of the depth of your colour — if you want to go a shade darker simply apply again the next day to layer up your golden hue.

6% spray tan solution

A full-on tan can overwhelm a red head complexion. Opt for this lighter spray tan instead that adds a touch of warmth to the skin, evens out discolouration and hides blemishes without looking false. The final colour looks natural, lasts for up to a week and evenly fades away. Your therapist will be happy to guide you through the colour options and create a bespoke treatment that suits your skin tone.

Order Gradual Glowing Self Tan here or find a Sienna X spray tan therapist near you using this handy locator tool.

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