Ask the Expert: James Harknett

3 Min Read Friday 13th February 2015

We asked you to put your questions to our celebrity tanning ambassador James Harknett using the #AskJames hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. Here’s what the expert has to say…

What’s the best way to make sure tan fades evenly? – Abi, via Twitter
James: Hi Abi. The best way to ensure an even fade is keep your showers warm rather than hot, pat the skin dry and feed your tan with a generous layer of Sienna X Radiance Body Balm. Also, be sure to avoid the steamroom, sauna and hot baths. X

What’s the easiest way to apply fake tan to your back when you haven’t got anyone else to do it? –  Lucy, via Twitter
James:  Lucy, the best tactic is to stand sideways, looking into a mirror. Place your tanning mitt on back to front, so that the application side is on the top of the hand. Stretch the arm round, using the mirror as your guide. Don’t worry about a flawless finish – just ensure you use circular movements to cover the whole back. Take your time and it will be perfect! X

Hi James, once the tan has developed and washed off, how do you get it off the areas you don’t want it on? – Sabina, via Instagram
James: Hi Sabine. Once you’ve washed off the guide colour, your tan should be perfect. However, any small traces – on your palms, for example – can be easily faded using some aromatherapy oil on a makeup sponge. Then finish with the Sienna X Polishing Body Scrub to remove any final traces and leave skin feeling nourished. X

Hey, what’s the best tan for pale girls? Always worried about looking too orange… – Lauren, via Twitter
James: Hi Lauren. It’s probably best if you apply a careful layer of Sienna X Gradual Glowing Self Tan. Mix this with moisturiser when it comes to applying to your hands and feet to really be on the safe side. Alternatively, you could have a professional application of Sienna X Touché De Soleil. It’s a light and warm finish, perfect for fair skins and the tanning novice. X

Hi Sienna X, one question – how best to tan my face? – Charlotte, via Twitter
James: Hi Charlotte, first of all this is a great question as it’s so important to never over-tan the face! For the best application, use a small pump of Sienna X Dark Glowing Self Tan lotion and mix this with your usual day or night cream. Paint it on carefully like a night mask, and use some extra moisturiser to blend into the hairline. Also, protect your eyebrows with a little Vaseline, and run a baby wipe over the ears once finished. X

I’m going away on a lads’ holiday, any tips on pre-tanning? – Kevin, via Twitter
James: Hey Kevin, I would recommend a professional Sienna X spray tan. Ask for one coat of the 10% formula –  this will give a subtle, warm holiday glow and no one will no you’re faking it! You can then still tan naturally through the colour, making it perfect for a lads’ holiday. X

Do you have a question for James? Simply tweet us @SiennaXOfficial and use the hashtag #AskJames!

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