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Are Sienna X fake tans vegan?

3 Min Read Friday 5th February 2021

As we become increasingly aware of the ingredients in our beauty favourites, it’s no surprise that the question ‘is Sienna X self-tan Vegan?’ has arisen.

The quick answer? Yes – they are! 

Our entire line of self-tan products is completely vegan! So if you’re looking for an ethical tanning brand, you’ve struck gold with our award-winning self-tan lotions, mists and mousses.

What’s in our collection?

In our award-winning line-up, we’ve got a plethora of options to suit every preference!

Prefer a gradual, sunkissed glow?

Add the Sienna X Gradual Self Tan Lotion to your collection to lend your skin a beautiful golden sheen over a few days. Alternatively, include the Self Tan Concentrated Drops into your daily routines for a sunkissed facial self-tanner that works with your skincare – you only need one drop!

Want a fresh scent to your gradual self-tan? We got you – opt for the Gradual Rose Water Mist, complete with a beautiful rose water scent that gives a beautiful sunkissed glow!

Need an easy-to-apply vegan tanner that blends in fast? 

Love a tan but want a speedy application? Opt for our aerated, light-textured mouses found in the Express Mousse and Sleep Q10 Mousse! It glides on smoothly, absorbing into the skin with ease to encourage an even colour finish.

Want a vegan option that you can apply before bed? 

Avoid the hassle of wandering around all day in your self-tan with our Sleep Lotion. Head to bed with it evenly applied, jump in the shower first thing, and reveal a fresh, glowing colour! We’ve even got Sleep Concentrated Drops that you can mix into your favourite moisturiser and apply before bed to brighten and lift your complexion while you catch up on your all-important rest.

Looking for a vegan top-up tanner?

Look no further – We’ve got a brilliant fast-acting Sleep Q10 mist that’s ideal for applying to areas where your tan has faded prematurely, such as your hands, feet and face! Plus the handy aerosol can it comes in boasts a 360¬∞ nozzle, which means it works perfectly even when you’re holding the bottle upside down or sideways to access hard-to-reach spots like your back.

Prefer an ultra-dark glow?

Don’t worry glowing goddess – we’ve got you too! Opt for our Ultra Dark Lotion, a moisturising vegan tanning lotion that results in a gorgeous glow and a richer, ultra-dark version for those who are after a dramatic colour change, or our most loved Sleep Lotion for a dark to ultra-dark glow.

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