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A man's guide to spray tanning and after care

2 Min Read Friday 29th July 2011

Guys are getting in on the act when it comes to glowing skin – learn more with this spray tan guide for men.

Sunless spray tanning is about maintaining a healthy, tanned appearance. With more guys than ever are giving a spray tan a go, this is our spray tan guide for men. 

Tanning beds and sun tans are no longer a safe option, with UVA and UVB rays causing damage to skin cells and increasing the risk of diseases such as skin cancer. Men are fast realising that the only way to get a safe tan is to get a sunless tan. Not only is it a nourishing treat to leave skin smooth, soft and tanned but it is quick and easy.


The spray tanning appointment will take just ten minutes. All you need to do is arrive with clean skin that has been exfoliated and moisturised in advance. If you need to shave, do so a few hours before your spray tan to avoid skin looking patchy. Body hair won’t interfere with your tan, so you can leave it at whatever level you feel comfortable.

The treatment

On arrival at the salon you will be given disposable underwear before you enter the tanning booth. The spray tan will be administered with a special spray tanning gun that allows a micro-fine mist to cover the skin evenly. Your therapist will ask you to position your body with arms held away from your sides and legs slightly parted. You will then stand in side profile with legs in a slight lunge position to tan the insides of the legs. The back will be tanned and then areas such as the face and hands. You will need to hold your breath momentarily as your face is tanned, but this only takes a few seconds.

After care

Take some loose, dark clothes to change into afterwards. Avoid the gym for at least 24 hours after the tan has been applied. It will take around eight hours for the tan to develop. You will be able to wash the darker guide colour off to reveal the true shade. The spray tan will last for up to a week. Regular moisturising will help maintain the colour for longer.

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