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A beginners guide to fake tanning

3 Min Read Friday 22nd January 2016

Sunless tanning is a completely safe way to get a natural looking holiday glow without the risks such as skin damage that the sun can cause. Sunless tanning products are centred around an active ingredient called Dihydroxyacetone (commonly known as DHA), a colourless sugar that reacts directly with the proteins and amino acids in the outer layer of the skin, to produce a gorgeous golden brown colour.

Enough about the science, fake tanning doesn’t need to be difficult, but with the overwhelming number of products on the market, the whole process can seem rather daunting to newbies. But it’s all about finding the right products for you.

Here at Sienna X we think its extremely important to consider your skin type when deciding on the type of tan that you want to achieve, this will then narrow the products down to choose from. Check out our√Ǭ†in depth post√Ǭ†on skin types to match yourself up with our guide…

We thought we’d break down the categories to help you decide…

GRADUAL TAN (such as our Gradual Glowing Self Tan)

Gradual tanners are best suited to fairer skin tones. Quite simply a moisturiser that contains a low amount of DHA, this product allows for a gradual build up of subtle colour, giving the ability to control your glow. Their creamy formulation glides onto the skin and develops over the course of the day, leaving a natural sun-kissed tan.

SELF-TANNERS (Such as our Dark Glowing Self Tan, Q10 Bronzing Mousse & Express Tanning Mist)

Suitable for many skin tones, these products build a deeper looking tan. They tend to have a guide colour so you can see where the product is going, allowing for an even, streak-free application. They take around 8 hours to fully develop, after this time, the top layer is washed off to reveal beautiful, bronzed skin.

Your tan can last up to 5-7 days, depending on your daily routine & lifestyle. Follow our pre and post tanning guide … for long lasting results.

INSTANT TANS (such as our Instant Bronzing Gel)

Wash-off tans are great for those unexpected events or bursts of hot weather, when you are not prepared, and don’t have the time to wait 8 hours for a tan to develop. Apply straight to the skin for an instant, bronzed finish and simply wash off at the end of the day. These products are quick and easy to apply, and just as easy to remove.

TOP TIP: always apply tanning products with a mitt or gloves; this avoids staining occurring on the hands and a smoother application for a streak-free finish.

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