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5 Ways to Prolong Your Summer Tan

3 Min Read Wednesday 2nd September 2020

As the Autumn rolls around, it’s time to say goodbye to British Summer Time, and unfortunately – the beautiful summer sunshine along with it.

We know how you feel, we’ve worked so hard on our isolation tan in the back gardens, local parks and our daily allowance of exercise when tougher restrictions were in place, so we hear your cries on prolonging your summer glow.

1. Moisturise Daily

We all love the feeling of freshly moisturised legs, especially after a quick shave or wax, but by moisturising with your favourite product over your tan daily will help to prolong your colour.

Much like staying hydrated, this step helps the skin cells holding your colour to remain in their optimum state and retain your colour for so much longer!

2. Avoid long + hot showers or baths

As relaxing and restoring a hot shower or bath is after a long day, they’re known to reduce the lifespan of your tan as they encourage the regeneration of your skin cells.

In place of these, opt for cooler, shorter showers or baths trying your best to avoid rubbing your skin dry. 

3. Opt for a gradual self-tanner

We’re sure you’ve heard the age-old saying, fake it until you make it, so why not do the same with your tan? Prolong the lifespan of your summer glow with your favourite gradual self-tanner to create a natural glow.

Products like the Gradual Untinted Lotion are fabulous for an even full-body coverage to hide any drier, patchy or flakey bits of your tan, while the Gradual Rose Water Mist is the go-to for your face and hands for a more subtle glow.

Here at Sienna X, we recommend a gradual tanner to help prolong your summer glow as it allows you to build your colour to your desired shade while preventing any streaks to help fool your besties. 

4. Stay Hydrated

A magic trick for more than just one reason, staying adequately hydrated throughout the day has some of the most amazing benefits – including the prolonging of your tan! Who knew?!

By drinking your 2 litres of water per day, your skin cells are remaining in their very best state, which helps the ones that contain your tan to remain! 

5. Protect your skin

When the sunshine does peak around the inevitable cloud cover, be sure to protect your skin with the appropriate sunscreen and SPF.

For everyday use, we always recommend SPF 30 which is why you can find it in our Priming Day Cream! 

By including a suitable SPF in your routine at least 20 minutes before you head out the door will help to protect the skin cells from harmful UVA and UVB rays which help to breakdown your beautifully natural colour. 

Maintaining your summer glow is easier than ever with our top 5 tips! We’d love to hear some of your stories from the warmer season too!

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