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5 fantastic tips for eyebrow waxing

2 Min Read Friday 10th November 2017

Shaping the eyebrows opens up the face, frames the eyes and accentuates the natural beauty of the brow bone.

Waxing leaves the brows looking groomed and fresh for up to a month because it removes each hair from the root. Here are our quick tips for creating perfect salon brows for your clients:

  1. Mind the gap. The gap between each eyebrow should be minimal — too wide of a gap and the eyes will look too small. A good trick is to place a thin pencil along each side of the nose running up towards the hairline; where each brow meets the inner edge of the pencil is as big as the gap should be. Also take care to follow the natural arch of the brow rather than create a false peak by over-waxing.
  2. Pull skin taut. Keep the skin taut when removing each strip to reduce discomfort and achieve a precision finish.
  3. Follow up with tweezers. Waxing is perfect for removing the bulk of stray hairs around the eyebrows. For extra accuracy and to create a sharper line use tweezers along the arch to achieve a smoother finish. Having said that, you might like to leave the brows with a softened edge so they don’t look overly-groomed in line with the current fashion for natural, thicker eyebrows. There’s also a rising trend to leave the tops of the eyebrows untouched and to allow finer hairs at the edges of the brows to remain as they are for a softer look.
  4. Don’t aim for perfect symmetry. It’s virtually impossible to leave both eyebrows looking exactly the same. Go for uniformity and neatness with the overall look; aiming for perfect symmetry will only lead to over-waxing/plucking.
  5. Tinting? Dying adds depth, definition and shape to sparser brows, creating a thicker-looking finish. Plus, the colour lasts for a few weeks, which means clients save time on using eyebrow pencils and gels. Tinting takes only a few minutes and is a fantastic upsell treatment to promote to clients who already pop in regularly for an eyebrow shape.

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