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4 ways to attract male waxing clients

2 Min Read Thursday 6th June 2019

There are lots of guys out there who aren’t clued up on the benefits waxing for men. It’s your job to get the word out to get them in the door. Here are four ways to talk about male waxing that you can incorporate on your website, print on promotional flyers and post on your social social media channels to attract more fellas to your salon:

Highlights muscle tone

Waxing the chest is a brilliant way to accentuate the appearance of existing muscle tone without doing a single bicycle crunch, especially if the hair on your chest and torso is particularly dense and covers everything up. The results last for up to a month and the regrowth is finer, softer and, eventually with regular treatments, sparser.

Quicker grooming

Sick of shaving in the mornings? Try a face wax and you can bypass that shaving blade for a couple of weeks and say bye bye to itchy, blunt regrowth. Giving the razor a break will also give your skin some time to heal from the harsh effects of daily shaving and allow your sensitive skin some restful breathing space.

Improved sporting performance

A sleeker, smoother body instantly improves sporting performance in the swimming pool because of less drag in the water. Why not bump up your personal best? Every second counts!

Reduction in body odour

If you work out a lot then underarm waxing is ideal for reducing body odour after a gym session, or indeed in any setting where you’re sweating more than usual. Damp hair provides a warm environment for the bacteria in sweat to multiply, which is the cause of body odour (it’s not actually the perspiration itself). Get rid of the hair and eliminate the bad smell!

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