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3 ways to talk up your tans

2 Min Read Friday 23rd November 2018

Shy, modest, humble? You better kick your bashful habits to the curb because it’s time to brag, boast and bluster about your spray tanning service to anyone and everyone who’ll listen. Good business is about drumming up hype, boosting your profile and drawing in a crowd so you can maximise your earnings and outstrip the competition.

Here are three ways to become a bigmouth when it comes to your business:

Make Instagram work for you

Daily Insta uploads are brilliant for making your spray tanning service look fresh and exciting. A memorable salon hashtag that allows clients to easily mention you on their own accounts will create a little space on the internet that showcases your best work and updates in real time. Also, mix things up with short videos of your salon facilities, interviews with your staff and a peek at your own golden tan. You might even like to film some demos on how to use Sienna X retail products — these videos are fab for showcasing your skills and double up as marketing content for your retail line too.

Get your clients involved

If you’ve had enough of boasting, get your loyal clients to do it for you. They can leave positive reviews on your Google profile, talk you up on Twitter or simply tell their friends about the outstanding service they’ve received at your salon. Offer a small incentive to your longstanding customers, such as a half-price treatment for a friend referral, to show how much their loyalty means to you.

Discover the world of beauty influencers

For maximum effect, reach out to clients who are bloggers or online influencers and offer them a trial tan in exchange for sharing their experiences with their followers. You get heaps of positive exposure and they get to try a new treatment! Potential clients are more likely to book a spray tan if they’ve seen their favourite blogger at your salon so don’t underestimate the power of boosting your brand via a popular influencer.

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