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3 ways to get a tan fast

2 Min Read Friday 1st July 2016

Need a tan fast? We’ve got three golden products that will lend your skin a gorgeous glow in less than a jiffy:

Instant Bronzing Gel

This super-quick tanner will give your skin a caramel colour at breakneck speed! Simply blend onto the skin in the same way as you’d use a moisturiser and watch it turn a radiant golden brown right before your eyes. The beauty of this snappy gel√Ǭ†is that it washes off in the shower, making it the perfect short-term tanner for last-minute events and parties where you want to limit your tan for a specific time period. You can customise your colour by applying as many layers as you like, upping√Ǭ†your natural skin tone a notch to sunkissed, honey or caramel, and best of all there’s no developing time required so you get a gorgeous tan in lickety split.

Express Tanning Mist

Ideal for topping up a fading tan, this rapid√Ǭ†spray is easy to apply thanks to the 360 nozzle. Use it to top-up tanned areas that are prone to fading faster, like the face, hands and feet, or spray over the entire body to achieve a caramel hue that’s ready in just 4-8 hours. The nourishing formula includes anti-ageing Q10, which combats wrinkles and protects the skin from cell damage. The effects should last for up to a week with the proper care.

High Intensity Express Tan (HIT)

Hate sitting around in tanner waiting for it to develop? Try HIT!√Ǭ†This moisturising tanner needs to sit√Ǭ†on the skin for just an hour before it can be washed off! Infused with tan accelerators to optomise performance, it gently develops over 2-4 hours after it’s been washed off in the shower, which means you can allow√Ǭ†it to work its magic while√Ǭ†you√Ǭ†get on with the rest of your day.

Order any of these supersonic tanners here and make your next tan a swift one!

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