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3 reasons to use exfoliating spritz before spray tanning

2 Min Read Friday 4th January 2019

Exfoliating preps the skin for a spray tan by removing dead cells and getting rid of leftover skincare products that can prevent tanner from ‘grabbing on’ to the epidermis. But lots of clients forget to do it or simply don’t have the time because they’ve rushed through your door for a last-minute appointment.

Here’s where Exfoliating Spritz comes to the rescue! Check out these three reasons why this mighty exfoliating hero should be an essential at your salon:

Removes barriers to solution

Cosmetics products, like moisturiser, oils, perfumes and deodorants, form a barrier on the skin that tanning solution can’t always override. Applying tanner over the residues of lotions and anti-perspirant results in an uneven, patchy tan. Exfoliating Spritz helps to clear everything off, leaving bare skin behind and reducing the risk of imperfections in your client’s final glow.

Primes and cleanses the skin

Can you imagine painting over a canvas that’s got dust all over it? You must always begin with a clean surface before starting any DIY project to achieve even results, and the same can be said for spray tanning. Exfoliating Spritz cleanses, as well as exfoliates, removing all traces of perspiration and grime sitting on the surface of the skin. The result?¬†¬†Smooth skin that tanning solution can glide over and steadily work its magic on.

Works fast

Don’t turn walk-in clients away at the door because you’re worried about time constraints. Exfoliating Spritz takes seconds to apply — simply spray all over your client’s body and get them to dry it off with a clean towel before firing up your spray gun. It really is that fast!¬†So welcome in those clients who’ve come straight from the office looking to squeeze a speedy treatment into their lunch hour; you’ve got a product that can prep them pronto!

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