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10 Ways to Love Yourself Again

6 Min Read Tuesday 4th August 2020

We all know the social pressures at the moment to have the “perfect body” with the confidence to match, especially since we live in such a digital world. The introduction of elements such as social media, having such a prominent place in our everyday lives has both its pros and cons, but loving yourself is an area with many different opinions, thoughts and directives.

Learning to love yourself and your body can often feel like a challenge with so much conflicting information floating around. But we’re here to help you love the reflection looking back at you with 10 easy to implement ideas! 

Please remember that this may take some time and a conscious effort, but we promise that it’ll be worth the wait. ‚ù§Ô∏è 

1. Spread only positive vibes

We see and hear a lot of news, images and content over the course of each day – fed to us via our phone, your favourite TV channel and even from the radio, which gives us many opportunities to criticise ourselves against them and can often create a negative environment, resulting in a bad or stressful day. 

However, while undergoing your journey, try to spread only positive vibes! Try your best to flip any negativity to positivity. Stuck in traffic? Not a worry – it’s just more time to take part in solo carpool karaoke with your favourite Spotify playlist.

This includes when looking at yourself in the mirror – remember to love her and share positivity with her too.

2. Do something that makes you feel good every day

A key thing to remember while undergoing the journey to love yourself and your body again is that it’s for you, which means that you are the most important aspect. 

Be sure to do something for you that makes you feel good every day. Whether it be heading to the gym for a sweaty workout, doing a slow-paced yoga flow, becoming a flawlessly bronzed god or goddess with your favourite self-tan or even taking a long and luxurious bubble bath complete with a glass of wine and face mask! (psst, our favourite is The Clay Mask üòç)

Remember to follow your intuition for this, as each day will be different dependant on how much you’ve undertaken throughout the day – even sitting on the couch with your favourite Netflix show counts too!

3. Practice daily gratitude

A super easy practice to include in your morning or evening routines, gratitude is a Sienna X team favourite for increasing a sense of gratefulness and appreciation for your life and things within it.

Simply write a list of things that you’re grateful for each day, 3-5 is a great place to start. This list can include anything – yep, anything! Our lists often include good coffee, bright sunshine, a flawless tan and even fresh air to breathe.

At the end of each week or month, you’ll be left with a comprehensive list that fills you with love and joy each time you read over it while helping you look at the brighter side of life. In turn, even though you may not realise it, this practice will certainly reflect on your self-love overall!

We promise it’s not all doom and gloom.

4. Fill your feeds with content that makes you feel great

As we mentioned, social media has become a significantly prominent element of our everyday lives. From keeping up with the family events to following your favourite bloggers, influencers and celebrities – it’s pretty safe to say that we’re never too far away from our favourite platforms.

However, this can often lead to loathing your timelines, rather than resonating with them.

Take a little time one evening to unfollow any accounts that don’t fill you with joy and positivity or that creates content that doesn’t resonate with you any longer. This way, each time you choose to have a quick catch up, your feed will be left filled with imagery, posts and content that makes you feel great every time you open it.

5. Dress for you

It’s no secret that we all have our own individual looks, styles and preferences. From all-out girly girl, to comfort over everything and all the options in between – we know that you rock yours the only way you know how! 

Remember each morning to dress for yourself and how you want to feel, regardless of the societal pressures or opinions. This way, you’ll feel more confident, smile more and in turn, love yourself more!

Yes, you look great! ❤️

6. Pay attention to how you feel

A key thing to remember on your journey to self-love is that you are the most important element of the process. 

Be sure to take note of how you feel during the day, and if it’s not quite how you’d envision, then pay attention to that feeling. Whether it be happy, sad or stressed, it still affects you overall. 

Alongside this, be sure that if you are put in a situation that is out of your control, that your feelings are still at the top of your list. You are worth more than just a few moments if and when you need them.

7. Step away from the scale

Sienna Secret: There is no perfect weight!

We totally understand that you want to always feel your best, your most confident and your most ultimate boss babe, but we just wanted you to know that these elements, along with your worth – are not tied to the number on the scale!

Take a step back from the scale to help you feel more empowered about you and your body, without fear of comparison! We promise that you look great, your top looks amazing, and so does your bum!

This one may be one of the slightly harder steps to implement into your self-love journey, but one of the most beneficial on the journey to truly loving yourself.

8. Do your best to not compare!

Potentially one of the harder steps in our list, try your best to not compare yourself.

This means in every aspect – your life, money, body goals etc.

Comparison is the killer of growth, and we’d hate to hear that you weren’t growing into the very best version of yourself, for yourself!

Remember, everybody’s chapters of life are different!

9. Take up an activity that you love more often!

We all have activities and hobbies that we absolutely love right? The Sienna team’s favourites include Yoga, Baking and even some DIY!

Whatever your favourite is, be sure to make more time for it more often in your schedule. We promise that you’ll not only fall in love with it more, but you’ll feel more empowered and enjoy yourself while doing it more!

10. Remember that you are beautiful, no matter what!

Because you are!

While on the journey to love yourself again, please remember that it may not be an overnight transformation so it may be a little harder to incorporate some of these steps at the start, but we promise that they’ll get easier.

For more advice and guidance, be sure to follow us on social media via our Instagram & Facebook pages.

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