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10 tips to achieving the perfect fake tan

2 Min Read Wednesday 7th May 2014

Create a flawless golden colour that lasts.

Layer up sunless tanner to customise your caramel hue.

Need a quick guide on sunless tanning? Read our top ten tips to become a tanning expert in minutes.

1. Exfoliate your skin at least 24 hours before your tanning treatment to remove dead skin cells. Start with smooth skin and your fake tan will glide on easily, reducing the risk of streaks and patches.

2. Remember to shave or wax beforehand too. If you remove unwanted hair after your treatment you will reduce the life of your tan by stripping away your sun-kissed colour prematurely.

3. Do not use perfume or deodorant on your skin on the day of your fake tan as they can act as a barrier to the sunless tanning solution.

4. Use a headband to push back your hair and get prepared with a textured tanning mitt.

5. Apply a small amount of self tanner to your tanning mitt to begin with as a little will go a long way. Rub the product into your skin in gentle, circular motions, ensuring that you cover every area.

6. Wear loose clothing following your treatment to avoid creating marks on your skin with tight straps and jeans.

7. Wash off your tanner using a gentle body wash to ensure your colour stays as rich as possible.

8. Moisturise your entire body to hydrate your skin and prolong your colour. Try to moisturise every day to get the most out of your tan.

9. If you want to achieve a deeper finish then apply another layer of sunless tanner to your existing tan.

10. When your tan begins to fade you can top-up the colour using handy products like Express Tanning Mist or Instant Bronzing Gel.


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