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10 hacks to freshening up your treatment space

2 Min Read Tuesday 21st August 2018

Want to add some oomph to your salon without spending a fortune?

Here are our easy tips on ways to freshen up a tired space by spending little or no money:

  1. Hang a mirror to reflect existing the light in the treatment area. It’ll make your space look bigger, create a focal point for the room and give clients a place to check over their tan and confirm they’re happy with your work.
  2. If you’re watching those pennies try dying your towels instead of buying new ones to give them a new lease of life. Opt for a dark colour to disguise tan stains.
  3. Light scented candles to lift your treatment space and lend your salon an inviting perfume. Candles infused with fresh scents, like apple, fresh linen and sea breeze, can make a cramped area feel lighter.
  4. Showcase premium consumer products on shelving units or in bundles across different areas of the room. It’s easier to make a sale during a treatment and you can easily show each client what you have to offer if it’s nearby. Check out our consumer range here.
  5. De-clutter and streamline soft furnishings and accessories to create a professional looking space. Don’t be tempted to fill all the space with nick-nacks — the eye needs somewhere to rest so it makes sense to keep some walls blank and picture-free.
  6. Change your light bulbs and light fixtures for stronger varieties before Autumn sets in to give your salon a brighter feel even when the sun is setting early. Combine lamps and overhead lights to build up layers of lighting.
  7. Open all the windows and doors to allow fresh air to circulate around your salon in the morning. A breeze passing through your space will eliminate the smell of tanner.
  8. Rearrange your furniture to see older pieces in a new light.
  9. Bring the outside in by positioning a plant indoors. Ones that are easy to care for, like succulents, require little watering and will lend your space a greener feel.
  10. Change your soundtrack. Switch radio stations, shuffle your spotify or try a tranquil piece of music to create a relaxing environment in seconds.

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