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Liberty's Story

Discover how she fulfilled her dream of working for herself...

Case study

Liberty Chapman, Mobile Therapist, London @libertyfrancescamakeup

“My spray tan story begins with me being in a retail job and being really unhappy, the hours were long, I hardly ever got to see any of my friends or spend time with them, and travelling to and from work was draining.

I’m originally a makeup artist by trade but since the beginning of this year I have spray tanned every week without fail.

It all started, as I used to go to my local salon to get it done, then one day a friend suggested to me that I should try spray tanning as a professional.

So I looked into Sienna X’s wonderful courses and booked myself straight onto one!



I quit my retail job as soon as I completed my course and am now a fully qualified spray tan technician and makeup artist.

I have to say having more than one trade under your belt is so helpful, especially of it’s tanning! I can now offer more to my existing clients (e.g. brides, hen party’s etc) and it goes hand in hand when I do special offers regarding makeup and spray tans.

I am now happily freelance working for myself which means I can choose what dates and times I work. I can travel to my clients as my spray tan machine is really lightweight, portable and easy to clean.

My dad has always said to me you’ll never be happy until you work for yourself and 6 months later that’s what I did. So if anyone’s ever thinking of taking up spray tanning do it you will not regret it!”


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