Level 1 Brow & Lash Training

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The Sienna X Brow and Lash course was born from much need and research.

You can start your online course as early as TODAY

£125.00 + VAT

Your Sienna X Brow and Lash Course will cover, tinting, shaping, waxing, using tools and techniques to help you get it right every time, to ensure returning clients. Students get to practice on each other (if you can not have a waxing treatment a model will be required to work on.


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Online Module: This can be completed from the comfort of your own home prior to your practical training days.

  • Introduction to Sienna X Professional Brows
  • Anatomy of your brows
  • The function of the eyebrows
  • The structure of the skin
  • The structure of the hair
  • The growth cycle
  • Contra-indications with contra actions
  • Health and hygiene
  • Introduction to Sienna X brow products

One Day Practical Course:

  • Theory recap
  • Client consultation
  • Pre and post aftercare advice
  • Face and brow shapes
  • Brow mapping
  • Sienna X tint discovery
  • Practical – complete a Sienna X brow treatment
  • Practical complete a lash tinting treatment
  • Retail opportunities to make more profit

This 1-day course starts at 9:30 am and finishes at approximately 5 pm.

£125+VAT for Online & Practical Day Course


How easy and quick is it to get started in Brow Tinting and Shaping with Sienna X?

There has never been a better time to be in beauty, with women spending more than ever on treating themselves to look and feel their very best.
Whether you want control of your own destiny and be a full-time entrepreneur, or work some extra hours around your usual job, an extra-preneur, or enjoy time out from being a busy Mum, Mum-preneur, the flexibility of working for yourself in beauty, is easier than ever and its an amazing fun industry to be in.
With Accredited “Guild of Professional Beauty Therapist” Courses that are recognised by all major insurance companies, you’ve definitely come to the right brand, Sienna X has set up over 23,000 people up in beauty since we started in 2004 and having started the business from an idea, we have learnt a few things along the way that we can share with you, to help you along your “living the dream” journey.

The Sienna X Level 1 Brow wax and tint training course is a bespoke day designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to start offering professional brow treatments.

This easy-to-follow course is suitable for absolute beginners and allows you to study online at home before you undertake the professional day with our friendly, expert trainers.
With hard work and a lot of fun you will soon be reaping the rewards and with our training, you will learn all the tricks of the trade to help you keep your clients loyal and returning.
With our Highest awarded CPD points beauty training and support, your go-getter attitude, and the award winning products and equipment from Sienna X, you can be up and running in a matter of a few weeks!
Crack open the champagne? A surprise holiday? A great night out? A present “just for you”? However you choose to celebrate your success as a Sienna X beauty therapist – one thing’s for sure. You’ll enjoy the work as much as you enjoy the rewards!

I have little or no beauty training, does that matter?

Absolutely not, the treatments we offer are non in-vasive, so no prior experience is needed. Plus, our courses are very in-depth, we cover things from Brow Mapping, to Contraindications, Consultation and Health & Safety and remember it’s the Highest CPD points in the industry, its Guild Accredited and recognised by most insurance companies.
We will give you the confidence to become a therapist as well as supporting you along your complete journey, helping your business to continually succeed and grow.

How much can I charge and earn?

Well it depends on how much you are prepared to work, it really has no limits. Depending on your area and the level of service you are going to offer, it can be anything from £17 -£45 + if you are in London etc.
Remember it’s rare to find cheap and good and you have to work twice as hard to earn your money back, better to offer the best service and charge a little more, build a rapport with your clients, make the treatment all about them. We all have so little money left after we have paid the bills, that when we treat ourselves, we want it all about us. So keep your conversations about them, note any family occasions etc on their consultation card, so that you can remember to mention it next time. It’s all about the little things..
Use the Brow Calculator to see how much it’s possible to earn…

What do I need to get started?

We have kits to suit all your needs for setting up your new brow business!
At the very least you will need:
Creating beautiful brows is very easy when you know how, it’s also very easy to get it very wrong, so always make sure you’ve been trained in Sienna X Brows before starting up your new treatment.
Sienna X Brow Tints
Colour expert brow and lash tints unique brow range, formulated by colour experts to match the perfect shade and tone for each individual client. Learn how the 5 different shades can be mixed to create bespoke shades specific to your client’s requirements.
These powerful tint locks deep into the fibres of the hair, holding the colour from the inside out, resulting in a long lasting, glossy, natural colour that lasts up to 6 weeks.
When mixed with the high-performance Sienna X Tint Developer, the powerful tint locks deep into the fibres of the hair, holding the colour from the inside out, resulting in a long lasting, glossy, natural colour that lasts up to 6 weeks.. For any stains that do occur, the Sienna X Tint Stain Remover works quickly to remove marks from the skin.
Sienna X Brow Wax
When it comes to Waxing brows, you need a wax which is strong enough to comfortably remove hair whilst remaining gentle enough to be used on sensitive areas of the face.
The Sienna X Mini Peppermint Gelee warm wax is rosin and tea tree free, which means you can provide a comfortable treatment to even the most sensitive of skin types.
Our advanced formulation also means you have more control over the wax, ensuing the wax is applied smoothly and thinly without dragging, and leaves no sticky residue once it’s removed.
Sienna X Brow Makeup + Retail
Our outstanding range of brow makeup including pencils, a highlighter as well as make up remover are the essentials in finishing a perfect brow treatment.
The brow makeup range also makes an excellent retail opportunity when it comes to your treatments. Simply show your clients how to apply the makeup at the end of their treatment and give them the option to purchase to maintain their new brows at home between treatments.
The Professional Touch
It’s all in the preparation and application, we use specially formulated pre/post products that give your brow treatments a luxury touch, with minimal to no discomfort.
Professional Accessories
We believe these can set you apart from your competition, the special touches…
Mobile Kit Bag
Ensure you carry all your equipment safely from home to home, logo’d with Sienna X to go along with your uniform for that Pro look.

How do I know what to charge my clients?

Short answer: between £17 and £35 – Typically £20 or £25

A. The true answer really depends on whether you are in a salon; operating your own home-based business; or offering a mobile brow business.

It is often best practice to offer a mobile beauty treatment to clients on both an individual ‘full’ treatment price and party ‘express’ treatment rate.
If you are doing a brow treatment to just one client, the price should be higher, as the treatment will be more in depth, which will therefore take longer to do. You may want to add little luxury extras to this treatment such as collagen eye masks and a head massage to this treatment as a way to justify charging a premium for a ‘full’ brow treatment.
If you wish to offer multiple treatments at a party in the form of ‘express treatment’ which does not include tinting, the price will come down as you will offer a shorter treatment to more people in the same location within a certain time. Offering the host a free brow treatment is also an option.

How do I know which shade of eyebrow tint I should recommend to a client?

Clients often walk into salons with a rough idea of what they’re looking for when it comes to haircuts, eyebrow shaping and colours. But, they also lack expert knowledge on how to make these ideas work. It’s your job to listen to their beauty requests and turn them into a reality. However, not every client knows what will suit them — steering them in the right direction so they aren’t left feeling unhappy with the results (even though they might have asked for it themselves!) is an art you must master.
Choosing the right shade of eyebrow tint for clients depends on their skin tone, their current hair colour and their own personal ideas on the look they’re going for. As a general rule of thumb, a colour that’s a shade (or even two shades) darker than their natural hair colour usually works, but there are exceptions to the rule. Here’s how to select which eyebrow tint colour is best for blondes, brunettes and redheads:
Pale blonde eyebrow hairs tend to look sparse and light. Darkening them by a single shade will instantly make them look heavier and give them a better shape, as well as accentuate their contrast against any highlights running through your client’s hair. Richer, warmer tones are best for darker blondes where as platinum blondes are best sticking to a golden shade.
The same rules go for brunettes — a warm brown eyebrow works brilliantly against light brown hair where as client’s with chocolate-brown hair can go a bit darker and opt for a richer tone. Either way, the gentle addition of colour will enhance the brows and make them a real feature by lending them drama and definition.
Redheads can have anything from pale blonde through to reddish, or auburn brown eyebrows. Assess this base colour first before deciding which tint to use. Copper toned redheads work well with darker copper brows but deeper redheads with auburn locks suit brown tones.
Our new range of eyebrow tints come in four primary shades that you can blend together to create bespoke shades for each unique client. They’re dead easy to mix together and apply. Plus the long-lasting effects help to make sparse eyebrows look thicker by adding definition and shape. What’s more, they double up as eyelash tints too! Check out this quick demo here!