EU Compliant Spray Tan Solution

Do you live in the EU/Northern Ireland?

As of April 22nd, 2022, the EU and Northern Ireland have legally banned the sale of products containing more than 10% DHA. Therfore, only the products listed below are able to be purchased outside of the EU.

Please read new product legislations before completing your payment. Click here

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Top Sante Skincare Awards Silver Winner 2021
Gold Winner in Beauty Bible Awards 2021
BronzeWinner in Beauty Bible Awards 2021
Shortlisted In The Beauty Awards London 2019
Finalist In The Beauty Global Awards 2018
Proud Winners For 12 Years Running (2009-2020) Guild Awards Of Excellence
Silver Winner In The Beauty Awards 2018
Notebook Beauty Awards 2019
BeautyWorld Middle East Awards Finalist 2020