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SAVE OUR SKIN- Skin Cancer Awareness Month

4 Min Read Friday 3rd May 2024

Sienna X have been tanning experts in the industry for 20 years. Throughout the years, the issue of the use of sunbeds has always been a prominent concern. At Sienna X, we pride ourselves on providing the best education, not just to become beauty therapists, but also at home customers to ensure they are looking after their skin.

Given the risks associated with UV tanning, now more than ever is time to push people to opt for sunless tanning alternatives. All Sienna X products provide a tanned experience without the harmful effects of UV rays, whilst being formulated to protect the skin from the inside and out. The consistent use of sunbeds creates visible signs of ageing whilst weakening the skins immune system. In contrast, Sienna X tanning products are formulated with ingredients to combat all these issues. Ingredients such as Aloe Vera, actively work to reduce UV damage whilst soothing and moisturising the skin. The addition of Q10 within our tanning products also help to boost collagen production, fighting fine lines and wrinkles, naturally repairing the skin.

Recently, we celebrated National Spray Tan day, where as a brand we highlighted the main concerns of the use of sunbeds with a direct comparison to the safety of sunless tanning. Publication of such assets received an incredible uplift across socials with many professional beauty therapists supporting the issue to help promote their own business and educate their clients. It is in our immediate marketing strategy to ensure that we are utilising our brand position across social media channels such as TikTok and Instagram, where users may be of a younger age and easily influenced to promote safe tanning.

The recent news that there is work being done of the legislation to sunbeds is great news since the reports we read on cases of skin cancer rising are very daunting, especially seeing the average age of such issues becoming younger and younger. Cancer Research UK estimates that there are about 16,700 cases of melanoma (one of the deadliest kinds of skin cancer), in the UK every year, with predictions that this is on the rise even further, 85% of cases caused by too much UV radiation from the likes of sunbeds.

Popular alternatives that salons should be looking into now more than ever to combat the use of sunbeds is of course offering professional spray tans. Salons can provide a service that offers a quick and even application of tanning solutions that can last for about a week, the further benefits of this is that clients are able to reach their desired glow quicker than the use of sunbeds, with tanning results lasting up to 7 days with the correct prep and aftercare. Salons can also offer retail self-tan products for clients to use at home. Offering sunless tanning also requires less investment from the salons compared to buying/leasing a sunbed unit. Spray tan kits start from only £349, providing everything that is needed to start offering spray tan treatments with training included. Furthermore, the inclusion of offering Spray Tanning is also more profitable and requires less room within salon spaces, therefore there is less restriction. All in all, offering sunless tanning within salons is not just good for health reasons but also for a business.

We truly are hoping that the proposal by Skin Cancer UK to include such graphic warnings will reduce the use of sunbeds. As a leading tanning brand, we will continue to work on ensuring we are educating customers about the safer option to use sunless tanning products and take responsibility that we can play a crucial role in supporting such legislations by promoting education and awareness.

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