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Kelly's Story

Discover how she followed her passion and used spray tanning to top-up her income...

Kelly, Mobile Therapist (and Teacher)

“My story is full of twists and turns. My mother was bought a pop tent, gun and solution for Christmas from my Dad (many years ago!). We both had no idea what we were doing (and the solution (not Sienna) was horrendous!) so I watched tutorials and off we went with plenty of disasters and a spare room which had more tan on the walls than us!

Friends & family started asking if we could do them and then their friends & family so I thought it was best to go and train properly. After extensive research (and plenty of trials from many different tan companies) I settled for Sienna X and I started out my own spray tanning business (alongside my part-time admin job).

Two years later I was made redundant from my part-time job (whilst on maternity leave) and thought long and hard about what my passion was. After several discussions with my husband, family and friends they convinced me to enrol full-time on a beauty course (33 years old with a bunch of school leavers wasn’t my idea of fun, but I stuck it out!), and after a year I was a qualified Level 2 beautician. I then went onto independent beauty courses and qualified in nails, lashes and specialist brows.


I moved house and converted my garage into a beauty salon – but It wasn’t enough! I always wanted to teach so I did some digging and found out I needed my PTTLS to be able to teach beauty. I completed that in 2013, and although I never went down the route of teaching beauty.

So I’m pleased to say I have the perfect combination – I now teach full time in a high school and offer all beauty treatments in the evenings and weekends (yes, I don’t stop! But holidays to Florida don’t come cheap!).

For anyone with children (like me) this is the perfect job (although I don’t class it as a job, it’s a passion, and the perfect way to meet new friends) and to top up your income. Sienna X isn’t just for major companies, big salons, it’s for everyone, no matter your circumstances. I never started out intending on what I have now, but I couldn’t be happier and Sienna X has been with me for the entire journey!

Sienna X is whatever you want it to be!

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