Beginners Wax Training

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The Sienna X course has the highest accreditation (33 CPD points), is insurable, allowing you to use this treatment with the general public and charge for it.

You can start your online course as early as TODAY

This course is split into 2 parts.

£275.00 + VAT for Online & 2 Days of Practical with Warm & Hot Wax


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Beginners wax training is a 2-day course for complete beginners. Using warm wax and hot wax. Students get to practice on each other (if you can not have a waxing treatment a model will be required to work on) using techniques for fast, effective, and luxurious treatments.

Your 2 day course will include:

Day 1

  • Set up and equipment knowledge.
  • Contra-indications
  • Consultation
  • Demo/practical of lower leg/knee
  • Demo/practical of upper leg
  • Demo/practical of eyebrows
  • Maintenance and cleaning of equipment

Day 2

  • Pre and Post products
  • Product theory
  • Marketing your business
  • Introduction to hot wax
  • Hot wax demo/practical


How easy and quick is it to get started in Waxing with Sienna X?

There has never been a better time to be in beauty, with women spending more than ever on treating themselves to look and feel their very best.
Whether you want control of your own destiny and be a full-time entrepreneur, or work some extra hours around your usual job, an extra-preneur, or enjoy time out from being a busy Mum, Mum-preneur, the flexibility of working for yourself in beauty, is easier than ever and its an amazing fun industry to be in.
With Accredited “Guild of Professional Beauty Therapist” Courses that are recognised by all major insurance companies, you’ve definitely come to the right brand, Sienna X has set up over 23,000 people up in beauty since we started in 2004 and having started the business from an idea, we have learnt a few things along the way that we can share with you, to help you along your “living the dream” journey.

The Sienna X Beginner Wax training course is a bespoke 2-day course designed to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to start offering professional, full body Waxing treatments.

This easy-to-follow course is suitable for absolute beginners and allows you to study online at home before you undertake the professional, hands on, 2 day course with our friendly, expert trainers to boost your confidence in waxing.
With hard work and a lot of fun you will soon be reaping the rewards and with our training, you will learn all the tricks of the trade to help you keep your clients loyal and returning.
With our Highest awarded CPD points beauty training and support, your go-getter attitude, and the award winning products and equipment from Sienna X, you can be up and running in a matter of a few weeks!
Crack open the champagne? A surprise holiday? A great night out? A present “just for you”? However you choose to celebrate your success as a Sienna X beauty therapist – one thing’s for sure. You’ll enjoy the work as much as you enjoy the rewards!

I have little or no beauty training, does that matter?

Absolutely not, the treatments we offer are non-invasive, so no prior experience is needed. Plus, our courses are very in-depth, we cover things from understanding how the different types of wax can be used for different types of wax treatment, to Contraindications, Consultation and Health & Safety and remember it’s the Highest CPD points in the industry, its Guild Accredited and recognised by most insurance companies.

We will give you the confidence to become a therapist as well as supporting you along your complete journey, helping your business to continually succeed and grow.

How much can I charge and earn?

Well it depends on how much you are prepared to work; it really has no limits.
Depending on your area and the types of waxes you are going to offer, it can be anything from £15 -£44 + for a treatment.

For instance, for a full leg treatment with warm wax, you could charge £28-£39 for a treatment, or for a Brazilian wax with hot wax, you could charge £32-£44.

Remember it’s rare to find cheap and good and you have to work twice as hard to earn your money back, better to offer the best service and charge a little more, build a rapport with your clients, make the treatment all about them. We all have so little money left after we have paid the bills, that when we treat ourselves, we want it all about us. So, keep your conversations about them, note any family occasions or holidays they have coming up etc on their consultation card, so that you can remember to mention it next time. It’s all about the little things.

Use the Wax Calculator to see how much it’s possible to earn…

What do I need to get started?

We have kits to suit all your needs for setting up your new waxing business!
At the very least you will need:
Any type of waxing treatment is very easy when you know how, it’s also very easy to make it uncomfortable to your client if you get it wrong, so always make sure you’ve been trained in Sienna X Waxing before starting up your new treatment.
Sienna X Wax
A LUXURIOUS WAX RANGE for professionals looking to offer premium treatments with less pain.
The Sienna X wax range includes both hot and vegan warm waxes, with non-sticky formulations that leave no residue.
If you’re looking to make your waxing treatments stand out from the crowd and build a loyal customer base then then the Sienna X range of waxes are right choices for you!
The Professional Touch
It’s all in the preparation and application, we use specially formulated pre/post products that give your brow treatments a luxury touch, with minimal to no discomfort.
Provide your clients with a luxury treatment with these expert Pre and Post waxing products.
Professional Accessories
First impressions count; make sure your treatment area stands out and looks professional with this easy to carry, lightweight display stand, perfect for neatly storing and displaying your pre and post products, spatulas and strips.
Ideal for transferring your treatment equipment from top to bottom shelf in seconds, as and when needed.
The modern, Sienna X branded, digital heaters, with their luxury design also look great on your waxing trolley and is a fantastic space-saver.
Mobile Kit Bag
Ensure you carry all your equipment safely from home to home, logo’d with Sienna X to go along with your uniform for that Pro look.

How do I know what to charge my clients?

Short answer: this could be anything between £6 and £44 +

A.The true answer really depends on whether you are in a salon; operating your own home-based business; or offering a mobile wax business.

It also depends on:
Area of the wax
How much you charge for a wax can depend on the size and complexity of the area you are waxing.
For instance, for a small upper lip wax, you may only charge £6, however for a similarly small treatment such as a brow shape, you may charge £10 as this takes a little more concentration and time to get right.
Depending on the size of the area you are waxing, you may also want to charge more as this can take up more time. For instance, for a half leg wax treatment, you may only charge £15, however for a full leg wax treatment, you may decide to double the cost of the treatment to £30 as it may take double the time to do.
The type of wax you are using (if this is hot wax or warm)
Offer your clients the option of either a warm wax, or a hot wax for an additional extra.
Some clients, particularly clients which are new to waxing will prefer the Gold Film Hot Wax for large areas such as legs, rather than warm wax, as this can be slightly less painful. As Hot wax is a little more expensive than warm wax and can take a little longer, you can justify putting the price up on these types of wax treatments.
Your geographical location
Depending on your geographical location, you may also decide to adapt your pricing to match the standard of living cost in your location. For instance, a wax treatment in the south of the country would be expected to be more than a wax treatment in the north of the country.
Do your research and look how others in your area are charging for their wax treatments.
Remember, as the Sienna X range of waxes are luxury and high quality, you can justify charging a little more for your treatments than many of your competitors using lower quality waxes.

Use the Wax Calculator to see how much it’s possible to earn…