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Prepare/Prolong Your Tan

Sienna X offer everything you need to create a beautiful, flawless tan.

Prepare your skin for a fake tan using our Sienna X Body Scrub or Secret Tan Cream. Or, alternatively extend the length of your fake tan using one of our especially derived washes or balms.

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    • PERFECT Self Tan Primer (75ml)

      PERFECT Self Tan Primer (75ml)

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    • Sienna X Apply Luxury Self Tan Mitt

      APPLY Luxury Self Tan Mitt

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    • Sienna X Self Tan Eraser Mitt

      ERASER Self Tan Removal Mitt

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    • Sienna X Self Tan Remover and Eraser

      ERASER Self Tan Remover and Mitt (200ml)

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    • Sienna X Contour Applicator Brush

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    • mini radiance body balm

      Mini Radiance Body Balm (75ml)

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    • mini exfoliating scrub

      Mini Polishing Body Scrub (75ml)

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    • ph balanced face and body wash

      pH Balance Face & Body Wash (200ml)

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    • Radiance Body Balm

      Radiance Body Balm (200ml)

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    • Polishing Body Scrub

      Polishing Body Scrub (200ml)

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