About Sienna X

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A word from our founder…


Hi and welcome to Sienna X

We are told our story inspires so many people and that we should share it more… so, as a company that listens, here it is…

Once upon a time…

The business concept started when I could not find anything in the market to be able to spray tan as a mobile therapist, at the time the only products available were very expensive and so cumbersome you could not easily transport them around from client to client.

It all began when I visited a beauty show with a friend who had a salon… an opportunity for a child-free day, a jolly… I loved the buzz and it all looked so glamourous by midday I began thinking I wanted to be part of this and was considering a nail or tan kit, I chose nails as I thought it could fit in around the children. When I realised it took 2 hours to do a full set (too much of a perfectionist!) I purchased a tan kit too… but there was no way to do it in your home or other people’s for that matter – “just use a towel” was the suggestion from the business I purchased it from.

My Dad found an old nurses screen, you know the ones that concertina up with wheels, which we wrapped in black plastic and I took a ground sheet too, I would turn up with my black uniform and roller bag all smart (memories of my flying days) and then try and take this huge screen out of the car, it was not the professional look I was after.

After some market research I found that there weren’t any companies offering a solution for this or had any plans to. Then one day while my children were playing in their pop up tent I had a “light bulb” moment and after several sketches and mock ups I designed and patented a viable mobile booth, perfect for salons who couldn’t afford the few thousand pound booth and therapists on the move. With screaming toddlers in the background I was concerned they wouldn’t take me seriously and boy did they laugh when I explained it was to spray people brown (the simplest communication I could think of)…

Shortly after this a 20ft container was ordered from China.

It was quite surreal the day the container turned up, we knew it had 948 Cubicles onboard, but gosh it was huge and I think the driver was a little shocked to see a 7 month pregnant lady with a buggy (I thought I’d be able to use it to carry the boxes), two friends (thank you Lorraine and Jason) and our not so sprightly parents… even the driver (thank you, he went above and beyond) helped, after he heard our story and we did unload in the allocated time slot, just.

We managed to sell them while they were on the water, however to our surprise half the quantity was sold while the container was still at sea! So what started off as an idea to quickly fill a gap in the market led to a passionate desire to provide customers with an affordable piece of equipment to help them expand their business.  From this and lots of customer requests, more products and services were quickly added

The Spray Tan Cubicle Company, now T/A Sienna X was born in 2004.  After a few months of trading things started to take off and we added; Accredited Spray Tan Training, Spray Tan Equipment, Spray Tan solution, retail products and disposable items servicing salons, spas, mobile therapists and colleges both in the UK and Abroad.

The Brand Sienna X was created from Siennasun around 2006 after we realised it opened more options to expand the business further into the beauty industry, moving onto Sienna X in 2008. The brand came from sitting in bed with a dictionary and looking up various names – Sienna, is a red brown pigment, which was perfect for where we were at.

Nearly 14 years down the line we are a team of 25+ of passionate, curious fun loving people. We have had the honour of working with (many times) some fantastic TV Shows and Award ceremonies, including:

  • Strictly come Dancing
  • Brit Awards
  • MOBO Awards


Along with many industry accolades that all our team are extremely proud:

  • 10 Guild Awards from 2009 – current (voted for by our customers, thank you)
  • 2 x Pure Beauty Award Winners
  • 100’s of 5/5’s Best For Reviews
  • So many Press Mentions from all the top Magazines (view press >)


Our Customer Service statement is:

“To give great customer service and products so good you would enthuse to tell your family and friends”

90% of the Brand is made by UK Manufacturing, we try to use as little carbon footprint and packaging as we can.

Luxury Depilatory was added in May 2016, a compact range for easier choice and luxuriousness, cooling and calming formulas for your clients skin, we wanted to make Wax look far more professional and upmarket, results are amazing and its looks super cool and professional on your work station too, giving your clients added confidence. Waxing is the bread and butter of your treatments, it deserves to look as good as Skincare ranges look.

A third treatment is due in September 2018, so keep a look out for what that might be, we are all very excited.

For those of you who are strict Sienna X users – many of you from the start – we are truly thankful for your support and loyalty and for those who are just a few steps away from joining Sienna X you have our team and my word it will be the best decision you will make…

Sienna X has helped over 20,000 people set up, we have Full-time Salon Owners, Mobile Therapists, Hairdressers who have an area to add on beauty treatments, Extra-preneurs (full-time job but work in the evenings to top up their wages) Mum-Preneurs (can work the hours they have free).

I absolutely love Business, things that have helped us…

  • Be Curious
  • Find Evidence & Facts to help you in your decisions
  • Work Hard
  • There is ALWAYS a solution
  • Speak with your customers regularly get to know what they like
  • Go the Extra Mile
  • Always buy quality
  • It IS going to work


My favourite saying is “whether you think it will, or whether you think it won’t, you will be right…”

The Beauty Industry is so positive, you have the opportunity to help people feel even better… and Sienna X is here to help you every step of the way.

Think of us as your:

  • > Support Team – our experts are just at the end of the phone +44 (0) 1905 727070 or live chat to help you…
  • > Stock Room – stock as much or little as you need, Next Working Day Delivery
  • > Marketing Department – E-shots, Facebook Posts, Press Mentions for you to copy, paste and roll out to your clients
  • > Training Academy – training is a journey not a destination, I still continue to learn every single day, refresher training is paramount to anyone’s business, it ignites passion, keeps you up to date with any changes and more importantly reminds you of the things you may have forgotten or stopped doing.


To the Professional, Sienna X is available in 400+ Wholesale stores and Online stores around the UK and Ireland thanks to Alan Howard, Aston & Fincher, Beauty Express, Capital HB, Ellison’s, Sally Salon Services and more.

For ‘At home’ Self Tanner Sienna is available from Boots, Look Fantastic, Feel Unique, Fenwicks or direct from the Sienna website here.

Your voice means everything to us, if there are things we could be better at, things you love and we should do more of, then please share with us your thoughts Ifeel@sienna-x.co.uk.

If you have your own story that will inspire others to take the beauty path, then please do share it with us as Testimonials and Stories really do inspire others to take that exciting step.

Well I think that’s all for this instalment, thank you for reading…

Warmest wishes and happiness,


Nicola Matthews

Founder and Fellow Businesswoman