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Try two samples of Sienna X Solution for just £3 each, with shipping on us!

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✅ INDUSTRY-LEADING SUPPORT We’re committed to your growth and success, offering personalised assistance whenever you need it.

✅ ELITE-LEVEL EDUCATION Our top-tier training programs empower you to deliver unmatched service, ensuring your clients keep coming back.

✅ UNRIVALED QUALITY We believe in providing only the best, investing exclusively in top-of-the-line formulas, state-of-the-art equipment, and premium accessories.

✅ AWARD-WINNING RANGE Give your clients the premium experience they crave with our renowned and award-winning products and services.

✅ CUSTOMIZED TANNING EXPERIENCE With a wide array of shades at your disposal, you can offer a tailored tanning solution to every client.

✅ POWERFUL MARKETING TOOLS Make your business thrive with our readily available marketing resources and social posts, designed to amplify your service offerings.

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"MY FAVE. Myself and my clients love SiennaX both their spray tan solution and their home Tanning products. As a therapist Sienna X is my fave. My solutions arrive on time without any dramas and the girls in customer services couldn’t be more helpful whatever nonsense questions I may throw at them. Highly recommend."

Carol G
C G ()

"WONDERFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have chosen to use Sienna X in my new salon, as my clients have been raving about the fantastic long lasting application. I decided to call and ask Samantha’s advice on what kit would suit my business best. Samantha was incredibly helpful…she helped me chose my kit, the specific tan solution that would be best, and even emailed a colleague to ask what prices she recommends charging in my area. I finished our conversation feeling very happy and excited for my new tanning journey! Thank you so much for your help!!!

Emma JB
C G ()

"LOVE LOVE LOVE SIENNA X. Everyone is always so helpful and the products are absolutely amazing. Have had loads of positive feedback from clients about the spray tan solution, brow and lash tints and the Skincare range. I've now fully converted over my whole salon product range to sienna-x!!"


Solutions for all Bodies - With Sienna X's wide range of 10+ solutions, offer your clients a custom spray tan experience tailored to their unique skin type. We celebrate all bodies and skin tones.

Superior Product Equals More Profit! - High-quality meets high profit. One litre of Sienna X Tan Solution translates to a turnover of over £400 for you, at just £20 per body. Boost your revenue with our premium product.

Timely Supplies - Expect seamless supplies for seamless services. Sienna X offers next-day delivery and wide availability at major beauty wholesalers. Perfect for accommodating those last-minute appointments.

UK-Made Excellence - Embrace British excellence with Sienna X. We take pride in crafting and packaging our superior spray tan formulas locally, supporting our economy, and ensuring reliable stock availability.


How much can I earn?

Spray tanning is one of the most cost effective beauty treatments. Calculate how much you could earn per week using our Spray Tan Calculator.




Revenue £10 / week
Estimated Profit (pre tax) £6.20 / week


✅ EARTH-FRIENDLY ETHICS Our vegan and cruelty-free approach ensures kind and compassionate tanning.

✅ DIVERSE SKIN TONE SOLUTIONS We offer a comprehensive range of formulas designed to beautifully enhance all skin tones.

✅ NATURAL, FLAWLESS BRONZE Achieve an authentic, streak-free tan that mimics the sun-kissed look to perfection.

✅ SUBTLE COLOUR GUIDE Our light colour guide helps you see where you’ve sprayed, ensuring your clients are satisfied with their even tan post-shower.

✅ SUPERIOR DHA QUALITY We use the highest grade of DHA for longer-lasting, deeper tans.

✅ NOURISHING INFUSIONS Our spray tan formula is enriched with moisturising agents such as Q10, Organic Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Green Tea.

✅ SWIFT DRYING Our quick-drying formula minimises wait time, letting you and your clients get on with your day.

✅ PURE AND CLEAN Free from harsh substances like alcohol, parabens, SLS, and minerals, we ensure a healthy tan.

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Check out the range

Formulated by THE experts in the industry over 20 years!

Pro Tan Solution ml Olive HR+ Cut out
Pro Tan Solution ml Olive HR+ Lifestyle Background Square

250ml Express 1HR Olive Olive NEW

£15.95 + VAT
Quick Add
Pro Tan Solution L UK Cut Out x
6 1L Spray Tan Solution UK Variant 1

6% Tinted Spray Tan Solution

£13.95£47.95 + VAT
Quick Add
Pro Tan Solution 1L 8 UK Cut Out
8 1L Spray Tan Solution UK Variant

8% Tinted Spray Tan Solution

£13.95£47.95 + VAT
Quick Add
Pro Tan Solution 1L 10 UK Cut Out
10 1L Spray Tan Solution UK Variant

10% Tinted Spray Tan Solution

£13.95£47.95 + VAT
Quick Add
Pro Tan Solution L % UK Cut Out
12 1L Spray Tan Solution UK Variant 1

12% Tinted Spray Tan Solution

£13.95£47.95 + VAT
Quick Add
Pro Tan Solution 1L 16 EU Cut Out 1 1
16 1L Spray Tan Solution UK Variant 1

16% Tinted Spray Tan Solution

£13.95£47.95 + VAT
Quick Add
Pro Tan Solution L HR UK Cut Out x
1hr 1L Spray Tan Solution UK Variant 1

1HR+ Tinted Spray Tan Solution

£15.95£49.95 + VAT
Quick Add
Spray Tan Solution ml Olive L M Pack Shot
Olive Light med Swatch

Olive Tan Light-Medium Tinted Solution (250ML)

£14.95 + VAT
Quick Add
Spray Tan Solution ml Olive M D Pack Shot
Olive Med dark Swatch

Olive Tan Medium-Dark Tinted Solution (250ML)

£14.95 + VAT
Quick Add
Pro Tan Solution ml Clear Tan copy
Clear Solution & Machine

Clear Spray Tan Solution (250ML)

£14.95 + VAT
Quick Add

Difference Between Solutions

The most popular solutions are 8% & 10%. Therapists should always choose and record their clients shade using a Sienna X compliment slip.

Not sure? Always start with an 8% solution, as clients can try a darker shade next time.


C G ()

"I had my spray tanning course today and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve left the course today feeling confident and excited to start my journey with sienna x Leigh was understanding, patient, knowledgeable and all in all a lovely person. Thank you so much for your help!🥰"

Ellie Dowden
C G ()

"Fantastic product for experienced therapists! A great touch for brides to put transfer concerns at ease, and also anyone who just wants a subtle dusting. I use this solution regularly and the proof is in the pudding. Zero transfer is certainly a spray tan thing! Also smells delishhhhhh"

Naomi Ashwell

"I have used Sienna X tan for the last 3 years on myself as well as my clients, I then started using Sienna X wax and tint an love it so I have now moved onto using their skin care range and it's incredible!!! I hope they bring out more products"

Emma Needham

We are the Spray Tan Cubicle Inventors

Meet the inventor of the Spray Tan Booth, our Founder, Nicola Matthews! With a stroke of genius over 20 years ago, she reimagined the spray tanning experience. Today, we continue to innovate, ensuring that spray tanning is not only more efficient but also more enjoyable.

Discover our revolutionary range of equipment designed to make your tanning experience the best it can be.


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Sign up to try two samples of Sienna X Solution for just £3 each, with shipping on us!

Try two samples of Sienna X Solution for just £3 each, with shipping on us!

Discount will be sent to you via email


Spray tanning is one of the most profitable, easy, and quick beauty treatments around.

Being the most trusted trainers for Spray Tanning worldwide, therapists with Sienna X training can charge up to 50% more for treatments.

For your clients: A 20-minute treatment session with instant and long-lasting results (5-7 days!) that can match a 2-week holiday tan. It also gives an immediate confidence boost.

For You: You can make up to 85% in profit in just 20 minutes or less!

Our accredited level 1 spray tan training course is suitable for complete beginners, or a therapist looking to improve and learn new skills. It’s easy to start your tanning journey, either book a course or why not opt for a kit which includes training.

Dive Deeper into Our Spray Tan Training!

training sienna x

Enhance your skillset with Sienna X

Level 1 train 1

Level 1 Spray Tan Course

Suitable for Beginners or Unconfident Tanners

£95.00£114.00 + VAT

Book Now
Level 2 train 1

Level 2 Spray Tan Online Training

Level 2 is an online training course for Therapists who have successfully passed Sienna X Level One Spray Tan courses

£47.95 + VAT

Book Now
Level 3 Spray Tan scaled 2

Level 3 Spray Tan Masterclass

For Therapists who have successfully passed both the Sienna X Level One & Two Spray Tan Courses

£89.00£99.00 + VAT

Book Now

Reasons to train with Sienna X

Our Support

Our Support

We’re here for you beyond obtaining your qualification, with a friendly Contact Centre team to assist you and a dynamic online business centre filled with assets for you to utilise.



We’ve been serving professionals for over 18 years, helping over 25,000 therapists train in beauty, who have collectively earnt £200million+ in revenue.



We know the industry inside and out and have picked up plenty of tips and tricks along the way that we’ll pass on to make you the best in the business.

Guaranteed confidence

Guaranteed confidence

Our training courses are credited with the highest amount of CPD points, so you can be sure your qualification will result in immediate success in your new venture.

Unrivalled Quality

Unrivalled Quality

Join our ever-growing community of professionals who rely on us to supply efficacious, industry renowned and award-winning premium formulas.

What our customers say

Love these products so professional looking and they smell great 😊

Mia Mollan


As a Sienna X spray tan technician I love it. I also got self tanning foam and I am very happy to use it. Never liked smell of any self tan, this one is my no.1 ❤️

Gillian Landrygan


Great results everytime. Nice guide colour for clients to leave with. Most clients say it smells like holidays. Ticks all the boxes for application ,end result and even fading *****

Body Beautiful


Interesting content Good variety of activities Knowledgeable tutor

Elizabeth Williams


The bag Is so spacious and excellent tan solution. Fast delivery too very impressed!

Stacey-Lea Gough


Did spray tan with Sienna what an experience loved every minute and they were so professional I always use Sienna products.



Excellent colour, smell and comes off lovely definitely recommend :)



I regularly order from Sienna x - super quick and easy - different payment plans are available if you are just starting out in the industry and their service is second to none. Product line wise - truly the best! If you are wanting to wow your clients with a long lasting natural tan then Sienna x is the way to go.

Sara C.


Perfect thank you. Delivered to my address no problems

Joanne Lousich


Very quick delivery. Great customer service.

Elizabeth Alexander


Quick delivery

Emma Powell


Lovely customer service and quick delivery . Faultless

Cathy Smith


Great service as usual, delivery was super quick 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Maria Roberts


I’ve used sienna x for over 10 years. Best product around without a doubt

Jenni jen


Easy to order, super quick delivery.



I has a great experience with this qualifier product



Very informative day. Gemma was so lovely and made everyone feel so comfortable and confident into the next step of our spray tan journey.

lisa wardle


recently attended a two-day body waxing course by Sienna X, and I can confidently say it was an outstanding experience from start to finish. The course was run by the phenomenal head trainer, Leigh, whose expertise and passion for teaching made all the difference. From the moment we began, Leigh's smart, informative, and engaging teaching style captivated me. Her in-depth knowledge of body waxing techniques and the industry as a whole was truly impressive. What set this course apart was Leigh's ability to make learning enjoyable. Her sense of humor and lively personality created a positive and welcoming atmosphere, making each session not only educational but also fun. She encouraged me to ask questions and ensured that I felt confident and competent by the end of the course. Leigh's commitment to my success was evident in every aspect of the training. She provided personalised feedback, hands-on demonstrations, and practical tips that will undoubtedly elevate my skills as a beauty therapist and I left the course feeling well-prepared and excited to apply what I've learned in my new Beauty Studio. Overall, I can't recommend the Sienna X body waxing course and Leigh as a trainer highly enough. If you're looking to enhance your skills in body waxing, this course is an absolute must. Thank you, Leigh, for an unforgettable learning experience!

Alisha Rees


I received a next day delivery for a new spray head which saved us from cancelling our clients.



What a journey I’ve been on with Sienna X and I’m still training on more treatments with them now but I’ve just received the nicest most overwhelming email from the lead trainer Leigh and I’m delighted to say I’m now a master in spray tanning!! I couldn’t have done this without the training at Sienna X my business is doing amazing! And it’s thanks to Sienna X. Highly recommend for any training or products!!


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