How many shades of Sienna X eyebrow tint do I need?


Our eyebrow tinting range includes four colours — Light Brown, Natural Brown, Black and Ash — that you can blend together to create bespoke tints for brows and eyelashes. Keep all four shades up your sleeve and use as they are or whip up a custom batch of tint for each of your unique clients to match their desired colour.

We’ve worked our socks off to formulate eyebrow tints that are easy to blend, quick to develop and create long-lasting colour results (up to six weeks!). Simply combine a touch of each tint with another to darken or lighten up your base colour along with some cream developer* before applying to your client’s brows for 1-10 minutes (detailed instructions on how to mix colours to match almost every hair colour are included in the box and here’s a little video highlighting the basics of how to use eyebrow tints.)

Tinting the brows is a brilliant way to add texture, depth and thickness to sparse eyebrows that need a touch of TLC. Our tints lock deep into the fibres of the hair, holding the colour from the inside out, resulting in glossy, natural colour that creates the illusion of thicker brows. Plus, the conditioning formula is kind to each hair and doesn’t leave a residue behind! Follow up with Tint Stain Remover to eliminate any marks left on the skin by the product and you’re done! Couldn’t be simpler.

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*Use our tints alongside Sienna X tint cream developer for best results.