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How long does it take for self tan to develop?

3 Min Read Friday 16th August 2013

How long have you got?

Sienna X fake tanning products take just minutes to a few hours to develop; simply choose your favourite!

Time. There never seems to be enough of the stuff, which is why we need to use it wisely! Choose a sunless tan from Sienna X and invest your precious time in looking beautifully sunkissed, golden and refreshed; we promise it will be time well spent!

So how long does it take to fake tan the entire body? That depends on the product you opt for and the finish you want to achieve. We supply an assortment of superb self tanners that boast their own set of time-saving features. All you need to do is select a fake tan that suits your lifestyle. Here’s our handy guide:

Deep Self Tan Lotion ( developing time: 8 hours).

This fantastic fake tan takes about 8 hours to develop fully and leaves behind a deep holiday glow on the skin. It’s ideal for people who like a rich colour. Plus its anti-cellulite formula helps to tone and smooth the skin. Once the colour has developed, simply wash off the product off your skin in the shower and pat dry.

Gradual Self Tan Lotion (developing time: 6-8 hours).

Combining Aloe Vera and cocoa butter, this luxurious tanning cream also takes up to 8 hours to develop. However, it doesn’t need to be washed off. Apply in the same way as a moisturiser and watch your sun-kissed glow develop over the course of the day.

Q10 Self Tan Tinted Mousse (developing time: 8 hours).

Formulated with a selection of natural ingredients, this clever mousse tans the skin and reduces wrinkles, dryness and other signs of ageing. It takes 8 hours to fully develop at which point you can take a shower and wash off the guide colour to reveal the natural-looking tan beneath.

1 Hour Self Tan Tinted Lotion. (developing time: 1-3 hours).

Perfect if you’re in a hurry. The 1 Hour Self Tan Tinted Lotion can be washed off after just 1 hour, or if you’re looking for a deeper tan, wash off after just 3 hours.

1 Hour Self Tan Tinted Mist (developing time: 1-3 hours)

Topping up your tan couldn’t be easier with this handy aerosol. This nifty ‘fake tan in a can’ can be sprayed directly onto the skin to create a flawless tan that looks fresh and balanced. Apply all over the body for a super-fast tan or just use it to re-touch key areas like the hands, feet and face.

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