What products do you need to self-tan at home?

We reveal the top products to include in your home self-tanning kit.

If you are preparing for a self-tanning pamper session at home, make sure you have the essential items ready for a professional finish!

There are a few essential self-tanning products which no self-tan fan should be without – here is your guide to creating your own self-tanning pamper kit.

Keeping your skin smooth and buffed with a gentle exfoliating product provides the perfect base for your tan and will help to eliminate the risk of streaks. Our Sienna X eXquisitely soft body polish has a deliciously fruity fragrance with sweet orange oils and grapefruit and will leave your skin gorgeously smooth between tans.

Of course, you’ll need a self-tanning lotion! Our eXtremely natural self-tan is a product you can trust to deliver a flawless golden tan while keeping your skin in top condition thanks to enriching natural ingredients.

If you want to boost your base colour in the week following your self-tanning session, you can use a gradual tanning product such as our eXtend and perfect gradual tan. This is a clever tanning creme disguised as a moisturiser that will help you to build a slow and steady sun-kissed colour while moisturising your skin. It even has anti-cellulite properties which can keep skin smooth and dimple-free.

Using a quality body moisturiser following your self-tanning treatment, such as our eXceptional radiance moisturising balm, will help you to prolong your tan and will add a beautiful luminescent shimmer to the arms, legs and chest.

And if you have a glamorous event ahead you can use our eXtra sparkle shimmer sprays to enhance the colour of your tan and really add the wow-factor.